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Small wee: John (34), IT Engineer insists it’s a real problem

I have a small p3nis and I know the problem I face. It’s not just a psychological issue, it’s just the way it is. Small p3nis is not good. I feel like God played a huge joke on me because I have great passion for $3x, yet, I don’t really have the proper tool for the job.

I find it so ironic when they say p@rn is degrading to women, when it’s we men with small p3nis3s who really suffer. There are plenty of guys (myself included) who love small br3@sts, but I have never heard of a woman who want small p3ni-s.

Another part of the problem of having a very small p*** is being n@k*d around other men. Not that this issue is big a deal, but what would I not give to be able to proudly walk around with my friends who have big pen!s3$. When I was younger, it was a big deal and it took a whole lot from me to get over my embarrassment.

As I got more confident, I would just say it ahead before anyone got to see it. I found that this helped in a way as it prepared their minds and sometimes, the feedback I got assured me that I was better than some other guys out there. Oh! one more thing, when peeing, it’s a nightmare too, if you can try to imagine what I mean.


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