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Help! I had a one night stand with my colleague, now he is blackmailing me

Esther is about to be married to Shola but a blast from her past has come back to haunt her in the form of Seun, her colleague who is doing everything to stop the wedding from taking place.

My name is Esther, a 27-year-old lady who is about to get married but one of my colleagues, Seun, is doing everything possible to make sure the marriage does not work.

If Seun succeeds in what he is trying to do, I am very sure that my husband-to-be, Shola, would call off the wedding without thinking twice.

I know what I did was not dignified but I did not attach much to it, after all, I was not a married woman though Shola had already proposed to me.

It happened at our company’s end of the year party in 2014 when we all went to the Elegushi beach as part of team bonding.

Seun is one guy who could be called a lady’s man as he was admired by all. He is tall, hunky and very handsome and some ladies went out of their ways to have flings with him. Whenever some ladies gathered, Seun was often the topic of discussion.

He knew that he was often the subject of discussion among the ladies and took advantage of many of them but little did I know that mine would not be different.

At the party, we had more than enough to drink and being one who was not a heavy drinker, I was soon tipsy and started misbehaving. When Seun noticed my state, he took me to his car and I slept off inside it.

I did not know when the party ended or Seun driving me to his house but I woke up to find Seun making love to me on his bed.

Even if I had wanted to, I could not push him away as I actually found myself enjoying the it as he gave it to me the way I wanted.

When we were done, he took me to the bathroom and gave me a romantic shower before taking me home. I begged him not to tell anyone in the office what happened and he promised not to.

So I was surprised when Seun sent me a mail some weeks later that we should meet up and have sex again but I told him what we had was just a one-off and would not repeat itself again, not when

Shola had come to see my family and our marriage plans were on the way.

But Seun has refused to let me be as he keeps disturbing me, saying he would expose me and send photos of me naked to Shola and post them on social media if I refuse to continue having sex with him.

I have begged him, offered money, cajoled him and try all I could to pacify him but Seun is not willing to shift grounds as he has vowed to destroy me.

What should I do to save myself from his hands?


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