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I cheated on my husband.. Do I tell him?

I cheated on my husband in one moment of weakness. Please don’t judge me. I know I was wrong and I have repented but there’s a snag. I’m being haunted by the memory. It doesn’t help that the person I cheated with is a friend and a colleague I am still in close contact with.

Like I said, it was one moment of weakness. My husband and I had been having issues and this other guy who is a colleague at work gradually became the friend I turned to when I needed to talk about stuff. He was very understanding and seemed interested in helping me work out my marital problems. He always came up with suggestions about things to do in relation to my husband. Being a married man himself, I trusted his judgement. Whilst a few of his suggestions worked, several didn’t as my husband was mostly indifferent and totally unwilling to work with me to save our marriage.

I guess I gave up at some point and somehow turned my focus to this other man that was paying me attention. One of those days we were hanging out at his office after everyone else had gone home for the night… One thing led to the other and we found ourselves kissing. We had sex that night and much as I hate to say it, it was good! Better than anything I have ever experienced with my husband.

I went home that night feeling very guilty and dirty. My husband might have noticed something amiss if he wasn’t typically distracted and oblivious to me. Anywa, the next day at work, my friend and I had a talk. We agreed we had crossed a line and that it should never happen again. But I am still plagued by my ‘sin’ and I am wondering whether or not I should confess to my husband how I cheated on him. Maybe that would give me the much-needed closure.
This is unfortunately not something I can talk to anyone about. That’s why I thought to write you, under the cover of anonymity. Please, what do you think?



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