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I need Help! I’m in Love with my boyfriend’s friend

I want to share with you my love life story and I need your help. I’ve been dating a guy for a year now but we are always fighting. He doesn’t beat me but we argue a lot. It has affected me so much that I also get mad at my friends the way he does me. He keeps saying I am cheating on him but I’m not. He doesn’t trust me but I love him.

Late last year, I got pregnant for him and I had to abort it because he’s not working yet and I don’t want to be a teenage mother. I know I have done a bad thing but I believe ‘God’ understands me. As usual, we had a fight one day and he said: “How am I sure I’m the owner of the pregnancy you aborted?” I was heartbroken. After the pain I’d gone through, how could he say that?
I forgave him and moved on with him but recently he asked me for sex and I turned him down. What he did next will shock you also. He texted me and said “If it were those niggas that give you money, you’d let them f**k you.” To my understanding, that message indirectly meant I was a prostitute. I was so mad at him but again, I forgave him.

Just yesterday, he said it was over. I don’t know why but I was so happy when he said that, even though part of me still wants him. I am liking a guy very close to him. The guy has always been nice to me and understanding. To stop myself from dating my boyfriend’s friend, I asked my friend to date him. But I love the guy so much, I mean my now Ex’s friend. I can’t stop thinking about him.


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