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Is My Husband and I Not Compatible?..Too Tight Versus Too Soon.

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Please,I am sorry for disturbing you this early morning but I have something bothering me and I dont know who else to discuss this with cos its a sensitive matter.
I have been married for six years and we have two children. We are happy in our marriage,my husband is a good man. The only problem we have is our s*x life. Being married this six years,our s*x life has not been that good. I say this because,before marriage,I was s*xually active and I have enjoyed better s*x than what I experience in my marriage. The annoying thing is that y husband says the same too. That he enjoyed s*x better before marriage. Does this mean that we are not s*xually compatible?

So our s*x life is just there. Its not exciting and its more like we do it just for formality.
Recently,I told my husband that we have to go and get help cos I cannot continue like this. I told him that in six years,I have never experienced orgasm. I told him that I have been frustrated and I am unhappy. To my surprise, he said he too is unhappy. That he feels like I am too tight. After six years,he says he finds it difficult to penetrate.
Ma,I couldnt believe my ears. I have two kids,both of them given birth to through natural vaginal births and yet my husband says I am too tight? I dont understand. I used to think men love it tight. Infact,I have read that some women go and do surgery to tighten themselves. And here,my own husband is complaining that I am tight!
Its not like we dont try to spice up our lovemaking. He tries actually but its not working. We try foreplay,we try to different positions,different ideas but its the same old challenge. What is the problem ma?
I cannot lie,this revelation from my husband is making me worried. What is he trying to say? Are we not compatible? I love my husband and he loves me but this issue has been bothering me. What do you think we should do? I want my husband to satisfy me and I want to satisfy him too. How do we both ensure we enjoy s*x much more?
Please I need mature and objective responses. I also want to hear from couples who may have gone through this same thing in their marriage,how did you overcome this challenge?


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