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My boyfriend is stuck-up and the $3x is boring, I am Tired!

I’m sorry this might be long. As I write this, I’m totally confused about what path to follow. I’m torn between two men right now & I met them few weeks apart of each other. When I met the first i.e. the NGO guy, we hit it off right away, without a second or third date. He didn’t even woo me at all but just introduced himself formally. I thought it was love at first sight. He is spiritual too.

We can’t have a simple conversation without him asking me names or numbers that popped into his head.
I was at first interested but it began to weigh me down & I got uninterested because we never get to gist about ourselves or other things. I called his attention to it but I don’t think it’ll stop because, he says he’ll try to stop but next time, he’ll repeat it. We are three months old but I’ve never heard him say I love you to me. So far, we have not had sex we’ve only made out; and that is kinda terrible cause he’s not romantic at all. When I call his attention to some things, he tells me he is “Not normal” & “unconventional”. He is always busy & is rarely around & he’s terrible in communication. He doesn’t take me seriously when I talk to him about some things.

Whereas the Athlete, is a sweet guy & mature minded, spiritual too but doesn’t behave like the NGO man. He is always around me, always keeps me company. I am always myself with him. I don’t need to readjust. He regards my desires and feelings very much. He makes me happy & makes me laugh. He revealed to me that, the first time he met me, the first thought that came to his head was, “I’m going to make this girl happy”. For the first time in my life I found the one person that our thoughts are the same. There was a time I almost said ‘I love you’ to him over the phone. We are glued in each other’s thoughts. I once even dreamt that he asked me to marry him. He saved my life too, once.
But the problem is, he wants to be my boyfriend and he knows I already have a boyfriend, infact his team mates happened to know my boyfriend too. My parents called my attention to his all-time presence as a bad influence on my love life, possibly stopping other suitors from coming to me. I don’t know how to explain the situation to them.
I don’t know what to do and what’s happening now, its hurting me and him. I like him because he is conventional which is enough for me, also because I never got or had the kind of treatment he’s been giving me. 


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