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My Divorce Story 18, Bimpe: His Mother Was A Witch

Getting divorced is a painful experience; I never thought I would go through it. My name is Bimpe and this is my divorce story.
I met my husband at a wedding, we shared a table. We got talking and hit it off from there. He was an engineer working in one of the big engineering firms. I had taken up a teaching job after school. We exchanged numbers and began to talk regularly.
We began to date officially after two months. He was rather secretive and I practically had to squeeze out any vital information from him. He was from a polygamous home. I guess that made him wary and suspicious of people. We broke up briefly after few months of dating.
He was not in good terms with his father. So we often went back and forth arguing about what could be done to salvage the relationship. His mother was the first wife and she had never really gotten over the fact that her husband had taken a second wife. She was always angry. We took a break after 7 months of dating. We got back together after a while.
My husband was the first son of his parents. His mother loved him so much or so I thought. When I met her, she gave me a long and suspicious look before acknowledging me. I didn’t take it as anything. They would have long meetings together but I merely took it as mother and son times.

We had our wedding ceremony soon after we rekindled our relationship. His stepmother and step-siblings did not attend. I did not have an issue with it. I felt it was their own problem.  After the wedding, I still maintained my teaching job. I got pregnant but had a miscarriage in the fifth month. I felt so bad but I stayed positive. I didn’t know it would become a norm. I had a total of five miscarriages within eight years of my marriage.
The doctors had no explanation for it. I became frustrated and a shadow of myself. My husband became rather distant as well. I would cry myself to stupor every night. He began to stay out late. His business, however, did quite well. We had started building our own house. I left my teaching job and started a business from the house. I tried to take my mind off our problems but it was hard. My husband complained that he was tired. My mother in law began to put pressure on my husband to take another wife.
I decided to go spiritual in order to save my marriage. I encouraged my husband to join me but he flatly refused. Meanwhile, I had gotten pregnant again. My sixth. The prophet who kept me in a prayer program urged me to camp in his church in order to monitor the pregnancy. I informed my husband who forbade me from going. I lost the pregnancy.
This time I attempted suicide. I was in a coma for a few days. I saw a vision of my husband throwing a baby into a waste bin. When I came around, I knew that the diabolic powers I needed to deal with were from my husband’s family. I went back home and began fasting and praying. I still visited the prophet and before long I made some devastating discoveries.
My husband along with his mother was responsible for my recurring miscarriages and worse, he had two children by another woman all the while I struggled to have children.  I confronted him and he confirmed he had two children and was making plans to bring in a second wife. I told him I was leaving, he tried to stop me but I was mad and scared for my safety. I filed for divorce months later.
He married this other woman and I moved on. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. He was facing hard times the last time I heard about him and his wife had left him with her children. I later met another man who I married and now I am a mother of one son. I never thought it would happen but God did it. This is my story.
What did I learn?
I am really not sure if I could have enough information not to have married him. We dated for over a year prior to marriage. I did see some warning signs but not enough to make me aware of what was to come. I also learnt that people from polygamous homes have a different view of life from others.
He saw nothing about having children outside or being a relationship that I wasn’t aware of. Maybe you might think I am paranoid but 6 miscarriages? Neither he nor his mum showed apathy towards my cause, as far as they were concerned, it was my cross to bear. What makes it all the more suspicious is that in my second marriage, My first pregnancy went through. No more miscarriages. being from Nigeria, I have a keen understanding of spiritual things and I refuse to agree that it was just plain coincidence.
Anyway, he no longer has me or my babies to torment. My life is much healthier and I am in a happier place.


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