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My Fiance Allowed His Ex Wife To Spend The Night In His Home

Please help me pray and advise me as well on this matter. I dont want my name to be revealed too. My fiance is a divorcee. He and his ex wife have two children. They have been divorced since 2013. Our marriage has been fixed for end of July. Last week,my fiance’s ex wife came to his place and spent the night in his place. According to him,she came to Lagos from Aba where she stays. She came to do some shopping in Lagos as she is a Trader. She ended up spending the night in his place cos she has no other person in Lagos.
I was not happy about this and I told my fiance. He was defending her that she is the mother of his children and has remarried. He said this is not the first time she has spent the night in his place. In the children’s’ room. He said he is not in love with her,she is remarried and does not have any relative in Lagos. Besides,spending the night when she comes to Lagos to buy goods,gives her and the children an opportunity to bond since they stay with their father most times.

Honestly,I find this very strange and I told him that I cannot allow it. I asked him if we get married,will this continue. His answer surprised me. He said that his ex wife is always welcome in his home as the mother of his children. I asked him if her husband is aware,he said he does not know and does not care. Well,I told my fiance that it is inappropriate for his ex wife to spend the night in his house not matter what. He is saying I am over reacting but I know I am not. I told him if he insists,then maybe we should end the engagement. He said no problem. I was surprised. I know he loves his kids so much and wants them to be happy but allowing their mom to spend the night in his home after they have been divorced for almost nine years is baffling. I asked him why cant he pay for her to stay in a hotel,he says he wants his kids to spend that time with their mom and he will not deprive them that whenever she is in town on business.
Ma,I dont know if I should breakup with him cos of this. I feel like he is disrespecting me with this matter with his ex wife and maybe he still has a thing for her?.How else will he allow her pass the night in his house.My friend thinks I am over reacting? Please pray for me. I have been in this relationship for two years and I love my fiance. I love the way he treats people with  kindness. Maybe that is his weak point trying to say nothing wring with his ex wife putting up in his home. But I feel so weird about this.
Please what should I do? Break up with him or relax and accept the way things are?

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