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My First $3x with a Yoruba demon, he was a little pompous, but it didn’t matter

Gbenga is a nice and dashing young man  (pinterest.com)

After being stood up a few times by Gbenga, something inside me kept yearning for him. At least, we’d had a connection, and he really did like me!

So, I thought.
Maybe it was because I have been celibate for six months and probably needed to stir up the sexual steam burning inside of me.
However, I approached things with him subtly. Thereafter, we started engaging in occasional chatting on different social media platforms, and I hoped eagerly for the desires to keep burning.
Gbenga is a nice and dashing young man, a little bit pompous if I may add, but it didn’t really matter so much because most of our men are raised to be entitled.
Our First Date
Few weeks after Easter, Gbenga decided to create time for us to meet. It was a very hot Saturday, I was so lazy to go out because I didn’t have enough money to get a taxi. Gbenga kept on buzzing my phone and then, it struckme; if he really needs to see me, why the hell shouldn’t he aSk
So, I decided to write him up on WhatsApp to let him decide whether or not he was going to pay the cab driver when I arrive his location. Fortunately, he agreed even though deep down he may have had his reservations about paying a girl’s transport fare. It is like a norm in Lagos,especially when the guy knows how hard the economy is, they still shame girls who ask for assistance once in a while for minor things.
Unlike most girls, I didn’t care. I understood quite well, the difference between a good girl and a naïve one. I needed to lay down the rules, it wasn’t easy, but I embraced a huge amount of courage and I was able to pull off whatever deal I had in mind. I was really audacious, and as you’ll know, most men see “brave girls” as disrespectful and mean.
Gbenga’s House
A few hours later, I arrived his place. He descended from the balcony, from where he has been watching our car drive in. After paying the driver, he pulled me a little closer, leaned forward for a hug. His little boy was somewhat excited down there, and of course, Gbenga couldn’t hide it from the protruding bump bulging out of his blue pants.
Meanwhile, before agreeing to visit him that day, I’d already known that it wasn’t going to be an ordinary visit. And so, I laid down a few rules;
He must have a condom. Even though I had a spare in my handbag, as always.

There must be power supply, not minding the source. At least, if one must have sex, there should be some sort of comfort to make the act worthwhile.

He mustn’t have any friends in his place while we’re together. It is not a good thing because, it creates a sort of discomfort for a girl, especially after being behind closed doors for hours. Walking out of the room with some inquisitive eyes staring at you, is a deal breaker.

Phones must be put on silence mode. No distraction required, it’s supposed to be a bonding time for two adults.

And there should be water and beverages in the fridge

All these few rules, plus he has to get me a cab to take me home afterwards, because “a girl needs to be treated like a queen”.
So, we proceeded into the living room, it was a beautiful apartment with exquisite interior décor. He obviously had good taste and a knackfor good music, and slowly I found myself imagining things way beyond this date.
I felt the need to explore in my mind, there was so much to imagine and I just let myself breath in the fresh lavender fragrance that buzzed through the little eyelet of the bathroom door. It felt like a place I could rest my head, and that one place I could recreate the picture I once drew about friendship. And like a burst of bubbles, I was awaken by his warm grip on my n@ked shoulder, and then, he whispered faintly like we were playing hide and seek…. I made something small for us to chew on, while we talk.
The Supposed Talk
Please, come with me! And without doubts, I followed him like a sheep who has just found its way back to safety. We talked endlessly, and I must say, it was a good talk. I realised we hadn’t even touched the Small Chops and Asunwe were just busy sipping on the Chapman juice served on the rock. It was so chilled that my nipples attested to it. They became round, and as hard as a gumball revealing themselves without hesitation to the erected image seated before me.
Are you cold? He asked with penetrable eye contact, I shrugged a bit and replied! The snacks are getting cold, we should probablypounce on them before they lose their value. Gbenga looked firmly into my eyes and said with a smile “these lips that I’m yet to sip on, has a lifetime value” Its better we focus on getting them warmed up….. Oh! Come closerbaby, you’re so damn beautiful….
The Romance
I felt his lips gently caressing mine, like the slow motion used in erotic movies. I started to feel as though I’d been sedated? But on the contrary, that was just me trying to get out of my own head in order to get in the moment. His touches were mild and breath-taking, his tender hands fondled my breasts and without a second thought, he unhooked my bra.
I didn’t ask him to stop, in fact it was something I’d envisaged for weeks. It had to be done, at least, I needed to convince myself that he’d be as good in bed as his appearance revealed. I was having it, without hesitation my tongue toured the walls of his amazing cavity. As a good kisser, you’d probably give me that, I would be the go-to girl should you ever want to sponsor a kissing competition. Lol…
Bulk wild
It was finally happening…..he laid me down gently as he took off the last piece of cloth left on his body. He let his tongue travel my entire body until he finally let it settle on my p$$y. Oh wow, I was dripping wet, my juice was all over. And I could hear the juicy “flicky-flick-sound” of my pussy as his fingers thrusted, it was an overwhelming pleasure, so much that I moaned gently with his name on my lips.
I could wait no longer! I was ready to welcome him home, so I pulled up his half covered face of pu$$y juice onto my b00bs. And i let himsuckle on them for a bit, I was literally in the clouds by this time. Part of me was already making plans for another round, when I flippedhim over and walked my mouth to his d1ck.
Wawu!! It turned out, his “little G” down there had a lot of muscles. I mouthed him a little bit more before riding him. Oh boy! I was mad with pleasure, Gbenga decided to change position by laying me face down. And like Usain Bolt, he thrusted ideally from behind my two huge protruding bu*t, and I went gaga in ecstasy.
climaxed just about the same time he did, and we just laid there like two exhausted adults panting with smiley faces. It was just what I needed to check off my bucket list…..Ah, I finally found the s*x partner for me. I smacked his face warmly and whispered to him erotically….. Mehn!! Gbenga, you’ve got “a-good-bad-boy-down-there”. Oh yea? We should probably engage in more of this! He replied.
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