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My First Qu!ckie was In Church during the Sunday service

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"Economy BAD come home" That's all my parents have been yarning since my semester finished but I no Want go home because I don't have time for their Nonsense and Religious Fanaticism.
I was with my Roommate in an apartment we rented together since College kicks us out for the summer. He's not on good terms with his fam so we shared the rent for the summer...But Hunger don knack me sotey that I had just $250 left, I had to go home to beg on Friday...Mr Senator say him go give me money if I spend 4 days and Naturally I had to go to church if I wanted money.
There are 2 services morning service which mostly fine babes and grumpy boys attend and late morning for the Fathers and Mothers in the Lord 
Oh boy, as I park my car I couldn't believe it was my high school mate...This girl was the school THOT...You must have been a special kind of Ugly if you didn't fvck her throughout your 4 years of HS.
LATER, we sat down together inside and were whispering together after all na the Same "Pay your Tithe" bullshit the pastor dey yarn...IFFA HEAR
We were flirting in church and I jokingly said I won't mind sinning with her in church right there and surprisingly she said let's go to the car park...My people she open her car door and I gave it to her doggy rapid fire, Thank God it was a big parking lot...Damn that is a sexcapade I can never forget, That girl is really wild, she's Ghanaian Heritage.
Please don't judge me, I have been going to that church for as long as I can remember, all those offering money and Tithe is enough for one quick fvck that didn't even last 10 minutes 
Fear self dey catch me, I don book appointment with my doctor tomorrow, at most na Gonorrhoea fit catch me but I am confident the girl is clean."
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