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My Girl Sleeps With Her Cousin Pls Help

I have an issue bothering me seriously. My gf an i have been dating for over 6 months and i wish to take her seriously.
When we met she told everything about her past and i wasnt too bothered since its in the past.
The most worrying thing is the fact that her cousin have slept with her a number of times even though she CLAIMED she did it willingly just once.
The same cousin calls her each time he is on break at his own school to meet at a relative's place where they both reside and one thing usually lead to another before she come back to me weeping.
The last time she went on break, i warned her sternly not to go to her relative's but she expained why she doesnt like to go to her parents place at another state (I dont want to reveal everything here).
She came back and i discovered she got pregnant for her cousin. I'm sorry i had to soil my hand in murder (i guess you know what i mean) despite all these my love for this girl hasnt shook a bit.
I made her realise how bitter i am and even tried not to break up against my own will, she wept throughout the night and we settled the ish without involving 3rd parties.
Just 3 days ago, this same cousin called her again (she told me) asking if she will be on break too, she said no.
She asked for my advice on if to tell him what he did to her the last time and how to put an end to all these.
I have seen better counsellors here that's why i decided to ask here too.
Matured advice please.


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