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My Girlfriend Just Told Me That She Has No Fallopian Tube!

I have been dating this girl for two months now. I like her alot. I see us getting married by next year.  There are issues I think we still need to work on as we progress in our relationship. For example,she still allows guys to call her and I see guys compliment her on Facebook and she cannot stop them by telling them she has a boyfriend. I find that odd but I cam just taking it easy.

She was at my place this weekend and while we were just relaxing,she told me she has a secret to tell me. We were getting to know each other and I told her to go ahead and tell me. She then said that she does not have a Fallopian tube. I was like,what does that mean,she said she does not have a Fallopian tube and that means she may not be able to get pregnant in future. This girl,I like her and I would like to marry her but this her revelation has completely thrown me off balance. I asked her how she came about not having a Fallopian tube,she said she lived a rough life and that’s how it happened. She didn’t  want to go into details. I am really worried ma.

Maybe she is trying to test my love for her cos you know she was really proving difficult at the initial stage. She wanted to be sure I was the right guy for her…
Is this a test? What does it mean that someone’s Fallopian tube is gone? If she cannot get pregnant,can I still marry her? How will I ever have children of my own then? I know of adoption,etc but should I really confine myself to this conclusion? Should I leave her please?

This is hard o,what should I do.


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