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My jobless boyfriend or My married boss… Which do I pick?

At first, I rejected my boss’ advances as I was in a relationship but the guy didn’t have a job and truth be told, I had him because there was no other serious one. Eventually, the affair with my boss started some two years ago. We are still together till now and have been through so much together.
Our understanding was that it was a fling, until I met a sweet young man. I work at a bank but the young man is still searching for a job. But my fling would have none of it. Abruptly, he started talking about marriage! Infact my mum has interfered but he stuck on.

My sweet young man also has a very laid back attitude to our job search and even alternative business investment pursuits so my dad is seriously kicking against it. He insists the guy must be engaged in some form of income-giving activity, no matter how little.
You should please note that I am a single mum. I have a 7-year-old daughter from back in school and I cater for her alone. It’s the reason my dad insists on a guy that won’t be totally dependent on me.
My boss has known about my child since and the young man knows too. They both proclaim they love me still. I once quit on this boss and he was practically crying everywhere, to the point where mum stepped in to tell him to stop but he refused. He begged, cried, prostrated, mention it!
Please advise me, it’s a serious turmoil for me. I do love the young man but I’m confused. My dad isn’t helping matters and my boss will not let me be. Help me please, I’m loosing it and I want this advise urgently…


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