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My Wedding Is In 3 Weeks, I Want To Call It Off.

Thank you so much for your column. I am an avid reader and several of your advice has helped me and my friends.

I need help. I am getting married in 3 weeks and I don’t want to marry the guy. All the arrangements for the wedding have been made. The cards have been printed and sent out, we have rented the hall, bought my gown and everyone is expecting a great time.

It is not a matter of cold feet neither do I have anyone else. I don’t love and have never loved my fiancée. He is a good man but he doesn’t excite me I don’t feel like this is the person I would want to settle down with for the rest of my life.

He was my first BF and the first and only guy I have ever slept with. We have dated for 5 years. All through these years, I have always felt some inadequacies in the relationship as we don’t really think alike. I however stuck to it because he genuinely loves me and I thought I would grow to love him.

I know I am making a great mistake if I continue but I am also looking at the sacrifices that have been made towards this marriage as well as the disappointments and stories that will come after.

I need your advice because I am going out of my mind and Time is going.

Warm regards.


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