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My Wife Or Her Best Friend: How Do I Make This Hard Decision?

We have a story and we have decided to post this story without changing the words except the names of course.

Here is his story written in his own words:

“My name is Ola. I was happily married to Mary my wife for 7 years, we had three Children together. She is an Igbo lady while I am Yoruba.Three months after she gave birth to our third Child, she took the baby to see her Mother at their Village in Enugu state. Her Mother could not come for ‘Omugwo’ because she was sick.She spent two weeks with her Mum and was on her way back to Lagos when she had an accident, the Vehicle got burnt but the Baby was saved, her partially burnt body was recovered which we buried honorably.

After the burial; came the problem of how to cope with my job and nurturing of three Children all alone. Although, lots of people rally round me I knew I have to remarry so as to get somebody to cater for the Children.After about 18 Months I decided to marry a lady who happened to be an intimate friend of my wife and had been responsible for taking care of the Children like hers since the death of her friend.
The wedding came up and the lady became pregnant almost immediately, three weeks after she gave birth I got the shock of my life, my late wife just walked in one Saturday afternoon, unbelievable! She can’t be the one. How come? We were all afraid until she told us her story.She told us that she was one of the people rescued in the accident but later fell into coma and after she came out of coma she could not remember anything or anybody, a Church paid her bills and was taken to the Church’s care home but suddenly two weeks ago her memory came back, she remembered her name, our house address etc and the Church brought her to Lagos.
So, we buried the wrong person Mary is still alive, back to her home already occupied by her best friend, I am confused. I can’t marry two wives, but now there are two women pointing to me as their husband, what do I do now?

Tonia, my new wife has been crying since because she is seeing herself as a fool and a betrayer but I don’t think she is, she has been so good to the Children since we got married, but how can I console her. Mary too is devastated, she thought I didn’t look for her, but this was just a mistaken identity, FRSC told us that the baby belongs to the woman we buried and that she was the only woman in the bus. They told everybody that it was Mary, we did not know that a good Samaritan had rushed her to the clinic before FRSC officials arrived.

Please advise me, what should I do?  I am a Christian and a Minister in XXXX (we will not disclose the name of the church) to be married to two Women at a time is out of it, I don’t even have the income to do that, somebody should please help me”
How will you advise this man, please put your advice.
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