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Nigerian lady shares chat with man who wants to sleep with her before giving her a job


While OAU $3x scandal is still being sorted out, a chat between a married man who wants to sleep with a lady first before giving her a job has surfaced.


Nigerian Twitter user @hottdamii who shared the screenshot of the chat, told Nigerian women that the best thing to do is to employ themselves. She also added that some men are heartless.

The tweet reads;

Some men are heartless I give up! Ladies, The best thing is to employ yourself. There might be someone on your timeline who can help me With Capital to Start Business.

Please guys help me Retweet this (Pls read what this employer told me

Few weeks ago, we reported that a Nigerian lady was fired from her job because she refused to sleep with her boss. The lady ignited anger among some social media users, after disclosing that she was sacked from work because she had refused to have sex with her Indian superior.

The Nigerian lady identified as “maami_Chulo” shared her ordeal on twitter and the platform users expressed rage at the development, with some who apparently are human rights activist offering to help take up the matter to get her justice.

The situation whereby some superiors try to take advantage of their female subordinates or those in search of jobs, is a global problem that has assumed alarming state. In her tweet, the lady wrote: “Guess who just got terminated at work for not sleeping with her boss, it’s me your WCW�”

The post went viral as twitter users poured out their displeasure at the lady’s dismissal.

Following the thread of her post on Twitter, one godOfwine @mr_dennesse also wrote: “Mr friend got fired too for not sleeping with an Indian supervisor in a factory along mile2 express before second rainbow bus stop. So crazy but it happens. She’s job hunting now.”


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