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 She Had S*x With Two Brothers, Any Repercussion?

Please Advise my friend because as for me, I told her to visit babalawo since, i just wanna say it here to know what you guys think, and you are free to bash her as u like.
"The younger of the two brothers loved her first n came for her, eventually got her number n they started chatting on whatsapp and from there he asked her out.. Gradually they started dating n loving each other. 
>>>>fast forward >>>>>
The elder broda came into de picture n she got to knw him from the younger broda n they started dating, the younger got to knw n the girl was in a fix now, she loves the eldest most but the younger came first n she actually lusted for the elder bro. 
The younger brother tricked her n led her to a guest house and frm there they had sex n he openly told her she can now leave his life 4 his elder brother afterall he has gotten into her... The eldest now invited her to his home n they too had sex, now she is worried if they will be any repercussion"
Any opinions?


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