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Should I Snitch?..My Friend Is Cheating With A Guy I Like!

Some people can be very deceitful. All that glitters is truly not gold and people are actually selfish. No matter how much they have,they always seem to want more.

Tracy and I have been friends since University. She got married last year and I thought she was really happy until two weeks ago. I used to think Tracy’s life was perfect. I mean,she and her husband Lanre are just the example of a perfect couple. They seem so close and in love. I was truly happy for her. I was eve asking God to send me my own man,one that looks like Lanre. It was Tracy’s birthday two weeks ago and she had a birthday party at a very nice five star hotel in VI. I arrived at the party and it was really a great one.It was also great cos I met a guy at the party. He was quite a handsome man. When I introduced myself as a friend to Tracy the host,he seemed more intrigued.
This guy I met,Mike and I left the party together and spent the night together. He is single and he asked me out which is fine cos I think I like him. He got me an iphone a week later and I was so excited that I showed Tracy the phone. Immediately Tracy told me to stop seeing Mike. I asked why,she told me Mike is a bad guy. Her office colleague who is trying to toast her but she refused. Well,I confronted Mike. He laughed and said,Tracy was lying. He said,Tracy is attracted to him and they have had sx at least twice a week. According to Mike,he didnt like that Tracy was married and having an affair with him but she told him her husband was a two minute man who couldn’t satisfy her. So for him,it was just sx,he was not into Tracy romantically. Mike said when he met me at the party,he broke up with Tracy and Tracy didnt like it but he threatened to tell her husband.

As it is,I am really in shock that my friend whose marriage is less than two years is already cheating on her husband. Of course I confronted Tracy and she denied at first but later on,broke down and started to cry ,saying she is unhappy in her marriage cos her husband cant perform more than two minutes. She has tried to make him get help but he refuses. She said she was forced to Mike when he flirted with her at the office.
The problem now is,Tracy is insisting on continuing her affair with Mike. She said Mike is just using me cos he is a player. She confirmed that Mike still sees her cos she rewards him well financially. But every time I ask Mike,he insists that he is done with Tracy but she keeps coming back to him,begging him.
Now,I like Mike. I dont know yet if I trust him but I need to get Tracy to leave him alone.Should I tell Tracy’s husband about his wife’s affair so she can leave Mike for me? I already threatened Tracy but she also threatened to get me fired if I snitched on her. Oh,yes,I work for a company that Tracy’s family have shares in. I need your advice. How do I get Tracy away from Mike without loosing her friendship and of course my job? Why cant Tracy deal with her marital problems any other way,why must it be with Mike,someone that I also like?


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