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We both have ‘AS’ genotype but we love each other, can we risk marriage?

I’m a lady of 25 years of age and i’ve been in a relationship for the past 5 years. Even though the guy is a muslim and I’m a christian, we still love each other and he really understands me a lot.
The problem is that I found out early this year that his genotype is AC which is the same as AS. I had to go the laboratory to confirm my genotype too. I was surprised to discover that my genotype is AS as well. I felt disappointed because I have heard many people say AS and AS should not get married.

I told my fiance about it and he assured me that we can’t give birth to SS kids, that we only have a 25% chance to give birth to a child with the SS genotype.

My mind has not been at rest since january. I am really bothered. I love him so much and I don’t know where to start from. Please I need your advice.
I personally think you should run away my dear. Too many factors in this mix.
1. Muslim to Christian? How do you intend to swing it? It might be ok right now because you two are too much in love to bother with those little details. But what happens when the kids come? How do you intend to raise them? Will they go to church with mommy or mosque with daddy? You might want to give this some serious thought.


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