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Who Is Under A Spell (Juju): Her Fiance Or The Other Woman’s Husband?

First of all,I want to say well done for having such a wonderful platform. I want to encourage to keep doing more because you are really blessing many lives and I am one of such people. God bless your hustle dear.
Ok,my best friend needs your help/advice. She is in serious relationship mess at the moment. She dated this guy in her office for almost one and a half years before things went south. A year and a half ago,this man was with his wife but things were not working fine. He had been married for four years and no children. According to rumors,he was the problem,the reason why they couldn’t have children. Something like low sperm count. That caused a lot of strain on their marriage until the fourth year.

The man began to confide in my friend about the issues he was having with his wife. She used to be like his confidant till they became quite close. But she refused to date him when he made advances at her cos he was still married. After a while,the woman moved out of the man’s house. That was when my friend agreed to start dating him. He had said that he had filed for a divorce from his wife and was awaiting the finalization. This kept on going for almost 18 months. Every time my friend brought up the issue of divorce,the man would say he is on it.
My friend has introduced this man to her parents,her friends. Every body knows them as they are engaged. They have done introduction and were already making plans to have a court wedding when all hell broke loose. The man’s wife suddenly showed up and moved back into the man’s house. Before we knew what was happening,the man told my friend that he was no longer interested in her that discovered that my friend used juju on him . That my friend is the one that caused his marriage to crash. It so happens that this man didnt even file for divorce and so he is not even divorced to his wife.
As heartbroken as my friend is,her mother went to prayer house where it was confirmed that it was indeed the man’s wife that is using juju to get the man back to her.Three prayer houses have confirmed this report.Now,my friend is thinking that since the man is not himself,since the man is under the influence of juju,she should fight to get him back from the woman.
On my part,I have counselled my friend to let the man be since he has gone back to his wife but she insists the man is under a spell and she is not willing to let go. Three weeks ago,she went to the man’s house and confronted the woman. She tried to tell the man about the report from the prayer houses but the man would not believe her. They both threw her out and the man says he does not want to see her again. She has been crying and since then,she has been sleeping in prayer houses looking for deliverance for this man whom she is already claiming as her husband who is under a spell.
Please how can we help my friend. Do you people think the man is truly under a spell from the wife cos they have been separated for almost two years and she just came back suddenly…I want my friend to read from you and other people what you all really think about the situation. Please your advice is needed.


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