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Women From These Tribes M0an And Scream In Bed , Men Love Them

​Men love women who are not boring in bed-fortunately there are women who moan, scream and make all the noise that Nigerian men love. 

You know, a boring woman would tell you,”is it food? , but don’t expect women from these tribes to mention that statement.

Efik women will hold you tight, push themselves up and down as they ensure you enjoy. Finally, they will scream their all. That’s what makes them sweet. They are also hot inside there.

4. Itsekiru
Itsekiri women have brown th@ghs, which make them very attractive. Apart from being the most beautiful tribe in Delta state, they scre@m a lot in bed. Men’s appetite grows as they do so,”are you with me?”

Benin babes excel in Italy, you know why?  They are the ones who make men extremely rejuvenated in bed. These women know “ Every man's minutes button”.They also mention all names during the action.

2. Ijebu
Ijebu and Yoruba women in general are not only hot but also very aggressive. The noise you will hear during the “do-bo” will make you hate other women- this is simply a world-class feat.

1. Ijaw
Ijaw women will never disappoint. The moment a man engages the first gear, the woman is up there calling names. If you think I am lying give it a try.

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