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How Do I Know He Is The Right Guy For Me?

Good day, Dear Davina,
I am a 33-year-old woman and I have been in a relationship for some months now
A little background about myself. I am a medical doctor, a born-again Christian although I have not been lucky in relationships. My last relationship ended after we had done our introduction because I realised he was a cheat
Coming to the present, I was connected to my present guy by a friend. To be honest, I didn’t really like his looks but I decided to give the relationship a try because he is a Christian which is very important to me.
As the relationship progressed, I started noticing that he wasn’t being totally honest with me
1. He wasn’t open about his finances
2. He lied about his educational background ( he failed out of medical school and he didn’t tell me)……I found out because I asked about the discrepancies in his year of graduation
3. I feel he won’t think on the same frequency……some jokes he doesn’t get it, we don’t play or gist
4. I could be with him all day and we may not say up to 10 sentences
5. I feel he has some sort of inferiority complex around me
6. I am not physically attracted to him
I need advice because this guy is a Christian with good values and it’s quite hard to meet Christian men these days
So I’m confused.
What if I walk away and this should have been God’s plan for me? What if I marry him and I end up being bored and dissatisfied with life?
He wants to get married but I can’t bring myself to move forward with the relationship in the face of all these uncertainties. I also feel I would carry the whole financial burdens in the home because he is not forthcoming with money or gifts. I am afraid because I’m not getting any younger and I’m scared of being alone.

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