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How I Sl3pt with a Girl In The Bush And Narrowly Escaped R1tual1sts Who Wanted My Sp3rm

I was coming from my place of work, instead of entering bike i decided to follow one short cut, though the part i wanted to take is a bushy part and it was something after 5pm but I am Never scared of anything. I started my journey, it was a lonely one until i sighted a girl from afar. I was happy i have seen someone to walk with and a lady for that matter. I began to walk faster to meet up with her.

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When she saw me, she stopped walking and was like waiting for me. When i finally reached her that is when i descovered how beautiful and front and back she was heavily endowed. While i was observing her, she greeted me which i answered starmaring, she told me her name is Abigail and that is when the story started.

She said and i quote “this is my first time of coming to abuja, i was coming to visit one of my aunty so the motor i entered from my village brought me to a park, so i entered another motor going to Wuse which is where my aunt stays but the next thing, i found my self in this bush and all the money i have in my bag have been taken. If u can help me with any amount that can take me to my destination i will be grateful.”

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That was her stories. So i handed her 500 naira note and i directed her where she will get a taxi to her destinaton, i was about to go when she asked me to wait i came nearer to her she looked at me and say u are a good guy for this thing u have done for me i don’t have any thing to give u but what i have i will give u that is when my brain went back to her personal properties, her ukwu was mighty, i got erected immediately, she started going into the bush and i was following her. It was then i found out everywhere was getting dark. The worst part was no one was passing that road i began to feel a little scared but swept the fear away with what i was going to get.

We reached the back of a cashew tree she drew her ski rt down took off her pa nt open her bag and brought out a con d0m then i became suspicious why will she be traveling wit h a con dom but everything was just happening fast before i could say anything the con d0m was already on me, she grab the tree so i began hitting from behind for a long time.

Immediately i came, i heard the leave make noise at my back i turned and i thought i saw some one in a flash but when i kept looking that direction i saw no one so i gave up. She removed the con d0m from me and was trying to put it in her bag i did not know what came upon me, I just grabbed it and picked race lo and behold, three men dashed out of the bush and straight they were after me i ran and ran and ran and they also ran after me as if their lives depended on it but i out ran them and soon they stopped but i did not stop until i got home. And people who saw me running like a mad man followed me home, so i told them what happened except the one that i bang her and the condom thing i did not tell them.

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So i hope everyone will learn from this my silly mistake that almost ended me. What am wondering is what they wanted to do with my sperm, with this we are now sure there are some people who are out there seaching for used condoms so beware of how u deposite it after use. Am typing and smiling because i was lucky to escape if not maybe this thread would have be help!!! My spel3rm has been stolen


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