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I Didnt Tell My Husband That His Friend Wanted to Sleep With Me, Now this is happening (Pls Advice)

Pls help me solve this problem in my relationship.
I am in a relationship with a man of my dream.
We have done introduction and my dowry has been paid.
Few months down the line a close friend of my husband attempted to seduce / lure me to bed cus my hubby travelled to south Korea for a business that lasted for 6 weeks, we have been very close because he is my husband's right hand man and he sleeps in our house sometimes.
He came around on march 13th with ice cream he bought for me but i smell alcohol and cigar in his mouth and he started gripping my hand and telling me how he has been tripping and dying for me in silence.
I cautioned him and threatened to tell my husband before he stopped and started apologising begging me not to tell frank because he was drunk and didnt mean it that it wont happen again and that i shouldnt break childhood friendship. I thought about it and forgave him.
Surprisingly my hubby raised that same incident immediatly he came back on friday accusing me of treachery.
I never knew that his friend I forgave thought i told my hubby on phone and guilty conscience made him tell my hubby all manner of lies against me just to exonerate himself from that day when he started telling me that he like me alot and tried to kiss me and my hubby believed him cus I didn’t tell him since I ve forgiven.
That was my biggest mistake.
Now my relationship is in total shambles in such that he label me a treachery woman, i cant forget that word in my life.
He asked me to leave his house on Saturday and I am typing from my elder sister’s house
Pls help me out of this deep sea of humiliation and shame.
I cannot lose him, I have commit alot.
I ve swore to him yet he believe me not,
I told him to take me anywhere to swear but he refuse
He asked me to leave my sister house and go stay with my parents and tell them what I did before he takes his final decision,
I am begining to believe that they both planned it together and I didnt know it was a plan
What do I do now in this situation to save my marriage.


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