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Lola’s Tales: Alcohol Has Always Made Me H0rny, How I Was Gang-banged Willingly

I love having S3@.x:’, and I had been having lots of fun with the usual, normal, one-on-one S3@.x:’. The day of my first Group Intimacy started like any other day.
At that time, I was still enjoying my nightly freakiness with my favourite uncle, but I still enjoyed some bit of fun from younger, more virile guys.
Korede was kind of like my f**.k buddy. He was so convenient because he lived really close to my house. A few short walk and I am in his apartment, ready to get f**.ked silly by him.
One Friday, after classes, I went to visit him on my way home. I was a little surprised to see he had guests. Three of his friends were hanging out with him, playing video games. I had met two of them before, Banky and Abbey, but the third was unfamiliar.
Korede introduced him to me as Jason. I said hello to them and then went upstairs to hang out in Korede’s room since I did not really want to intrude on the guys’ time. Korede came up to join me after a few minutes.
“Hey, why don’t you come down and join us,” he asked me as he entered.
I looked up from my iPad and smiled at him. “Nahh, I am good here.”
“Alright, just give me like 30 minutes, after they leave, I will come back and we will have our fun,” he said. “I will get you something to drink.”
He went out and came back later with a bottle of red wine and some biscuits, then left to go be with his buddies.
I really did not mind. I ignored the biscuits and went for the wine. I was fiddling on my iPad and relaxing with the wine for almost an hour. I wondered how long it would take Korede to come join me.
The thing is, alcohol always made me h0rny. The more I drank, the hotter I got. Korede knew this and almost always plagued me with alcohol anytime I visited.
It was, therefore, no wonder that I was already getting wet and feeling tipsy as I sat on Korede’s bed. I laid and began to rub my body through my clothes, waiting for him to come join me. The longer he took, the hornier I became.
I decided to make things easier. So I took off my clothes in hopes that as soon as he entered, he will just f**.k me without much fuss. I really was that aroused.
I thought getting Unclad was a good and S3@.x:’y idea until I started to feel the silky sheets rub against my ass as I lay waiting. My own Unclad body was turning me on.
It would have been so easy to just reach down and stroke my waiting and wet pu.$$y. I decided to compromise and play with my b@.0bs instead. I rubbed them and teased my nipples until they got hard. When I could not take any more teasing, I put my hand down and slid my index finger into my wet pu.$$y. It went in so smoothly because I was already dripping. I was so taken over that I did not even notice when Korede entered the room.
“What… Why didn’t you wait for me?“ He said quietly as he walked closer to me.
“Hmmm… I was just so Hot, baby,” I said as I continued to insert my finger in and out. “Are your friends gone?”
“Not yet,” he replied, as he came to join me in bed. “I am just about to see them off, wanted to inform you.”
As he sat on the bed, I pulled him down for a kiss. My pu.$$y was literally hot for f**.king now.
“f**.k me, baby… hmmm… I cannot wait any longer,” I moaned in his ear.
“My buddies are waiting, sweetie. Just give me a second.”
I ignored him and we kept kissing. “I am so turned on, I don’t think one D!.ck will be enough to f**.k me right now.”
He laughed softly, “What, you want to get f**.ked by the vibrator too?”
“Well… why go for the vibrator when you have 3 live D!.cks downstairs?” I asked. I was not sure where that came from. Alcohol made me extra.. Continue reading...


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