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Man Gets Accused Of Rape By Lady He Ignored For His Laptop (Pics)

Lady Accuses Man of Rape for Choosing Laptop over her, After Spending 1hr to Meet him in Lagos (Photos)

Berger to Ajah is currently Trending on Twitter with over 20k tweets, and if you're wondering what could be the reason, Am here for you..

Here's how it started, A Lady that Stays at Berger Lagos state transported herself to Ajah, spent over 1hr on the road just to meet her new 'boyfriend' whom she has been chatting with on Twitter for sometime.

Now if you stay in Lagos, You'd Understand the Distance From Berger to Ajah, The traffic, and You'd spend nothing less than 700 to Ajah, Thats how far the place is..

The Lady B_moree_ on Getting to Ajah was expecting this guy Uche to go gaga and drizzle over her body, But the opposite was the answer, So he decided to focus on his Laptop, And had less of her time, Leaving her lonely all night as she past the Night There..

In revenge for neglecting her, The lady sent a message to Subdelivery telling Them that a Guy raped after she Transported herself from Berger to Ajah to visit him...

And Boom, Nigerians have floated the name Berger to Ajah is now trending with funny reactions see below!

P.S: She has reacted to the news, and according to her calling him a rapist, was not her intention.


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