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“My Aunty Gave Me Her Bre ast Milk To Drink” , Should I Be Worried?

Yesterday evening, I visited my aunt who is nursing a baby at Akute, Lagos. I felt like having a cup of milk, i went to the fridge and found out that her tin of milk was empty.

I asked her if she had any more available, then she pointed to a cup on her dining table and told me she had some in it. She told me I could add some Bournvita if I wish. So I added the bournvita to the milk on her table. I gulped it down then noticed the taste was different.

I told her about the different taste, and then my aunt burst into a big laughter. She told me it was her breast milk she pressed into the cup shortly before I arrived at her place. She said that it was breast milk i just mixed with the bournvita. I know my aunt is always up to all sorts of jokes and mischief, but this wasn’t funny to me at all.

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I feel something wasn’t just right about her action. I feel like reporting her to my mum but I also don’t know what her reaction might be and at the same time I hope I’m not over reacting. Is my aunt’s action wrong or just a joke I should ignore? Pls advise me, but I cringe each time I remember. I am 18 years old.


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