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My boyfriend handles me with too much care but I wanna be spanked

Should a lady whose boyfriend cannot satisfy her s3xually stay quiet?
My name is Stella and I have been dating him for two years but I am not sure I can cope any longer. The reason for this is that my boyfriend, Kelvin, is not up to the task s3xually and it is so frustrating that I am tempted to either leave him or seek for sexual satisfaction outside.
I know many holier-than-thou people will tell me that sx is not everything but I will tell you that as a s3xually active lady, sx means a lot to me and I can't continue to bear any longer.
I met my Kelvin when I joined their church and right from the first day, he made his intention of dating me known I have always seen him as a gentleman who cares about me.
But I knew I was in for trouble on our first night as a together when
Kelvin ej**ulated 2 mins after he penetrated me. Initially, I put it down to the fact that he might be nervous coz its our first time.
Things began to improve but I don't like the way he handles me, I have sx goals, I have fantasies and desires.  I wanna be spanked! I want to see his signs of his palms on my ass, but no way.
I enjoy d0ggy a lot and whenever he's hitting me really hard and I begin to scream of which I am enjoying he stops and asks "are you okay? Should I stop? Is it paining you?"
I've told him severally that I am not feeling pains, I've told him to tear it! He should pieces it!  But no, he still asks these rhetorical questions.
After six months and the problem still persists, I told him to work on this but he would have none of it, saying he will but nothing changes.
I don't want to put too much pressure on h I'm m so he won't see me as a nymph.
I am so frustrated and want to leave this Relationship.


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