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My Pretty Cousin Seduc3d Me and Left Me Totally Embarrassed

A pretty girl has left her cousin embarrassed after seducing him and finding out the size of his manhood.
A seriously worried man has expressed concern after he was seduced by the cousin who left him totally embarrassed after the incident. The story was shared by Yoanswers.
Hi my name is Dan, I’m 18 and me and my family are on vacation. We also went with my mom, my brother, uncle and really beautiful cousin. She is a quite shy girl but on the plane she was quite talkative. For some weird reason I got attracted to her even though, I am really against inc*st. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and it was weird too see her grown up from when I last saw her in my childhood.
Anyways, yesterday we were having a good time me and her we having fun and getting along. But, on the beach she asked me to put sun lotion on her back and then when I did it she seemed to be enjoying it. She said I should be a masseuse, then back at the room I went back to return the lotion in her room and she completely was n*ked in front of me! She didn’t even seem to care!
Then later in at dinner it was awkward as she kept asking questions about me in front of my parents and other family like what after shave I was wearing. I was worried and couldn’t take the awkwardness so I went back to the room and she followed me!!!! She said that she thinks I am attractive looking and that if we weren’t related would I go out with her. The thing is I do fancy her and I told her yes and she kissed me like properly! She then told me that’s all I’ll be getting tonight and then she went off!
Today me and her managed to convince the family that we didn’t want to go to the mall as I wanted to talk to her about yesterday. I was serious as I was conflicted. When we were talking 2 hours ago she then started stroking me knee and noticed I got an erection. I couldn’t take it so I kissed and before we knew it we were both n*ked and trying to have s*x. I’ll be honest she laughed at my size as it isn’t really big but I still came. I am really embarrassed about this. I think it is wrong and all my fault.
What should I do?!!!! My family and back and they have no idea what happened!
Please no harsh answers and I really am worried!


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