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My Story – The Person I Intend To Marry Just Told Me This!!

So it all started like this, My new fiancee and I just finished a Sunday service and I was about going to drop her at home when one of her single friends asked if she could join us which we agreed.
On our way they started talking all wife stuffs sharing their views on a marriage and shii, then one thing led to a financial topic where my fiancee started saying she can never support a husband financially, that a man should be a man and take all responsibilities of every penny to be spent, that the reason she’s working is to be able to afford all the things she wants that all the responsibilities of the household is for the husband . I acted cool at first.
Her friend was even saying that she doesnt like to be a liability that at least it should not be the man’s responsibility 100% that the wife should be able to support financially, My fiancee outrightly disagreed with her saying support doesnt have to be financial from the wife, that it could be through prayers.
I couldnt keep mute anymore I had to ask her “what does it mean when people say supportive wife? ” she replied she doesn’t know, that she’s sure it doesnt have to be financial.
At some point when the friend had already alighted, I asked what if the man is building a house and needs immediate support for just window frames, she said never!
She even said if she has money in the bank and their is no food at home, we will all drink Garri.
Now here are the facts,
-We got introduced through match making,
-There are some good things about her that is worth consideration.
-I dont think she has dated before because she obviously has no experience whats so ever when it comes to relationship behaviours. she’s “efikko” kind of.
-This her ideology seems deep rooted in her upbringing and family., her mum is rich.
My Challenge is,
Should I stick around and try to change that ideology or just move on because I am sure it’s a destructive ideology.


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