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SED.UCED BY AN 18 YR OLD G!RL- S3.x $tory

I was a science graduate doing my further studies. Since I was studying, I was always in short for money. So I used to do tuitions in science. I used to teach a beautiful s3xy 18. year old girl named Tina. She was in her 12th class. She had hu ge b00bs, and a s3xy figure. When ever I used to go to her place to teach her, she used to wear tops with plunging necklines, reveling her hu ge t!ts and mini sk!rts. Her parents were both doing jobs, so they never used to be present. And I being naturally male used to have a permanent h@rd c0.ck whenever I used to be present with her. But, my decency did not permit me to take advantage of her. She always used to sit close to me and press her t!ts on my shoulder or place her hand on my th!gh and let it rest there.
One h()t afternoon I went to teach her, she opened the door, and lo… She was wearing a white transparent top, which was a just tied by a knot. Below she had worn a mini micro sk!rt. She said” Sir, there is no power and it is soo h()t”. We sat down and it was really warm. I was sweating profusely. Tina said” why don’t you remove your sh1rt” I reluctantly agreed and I removed my sh1rt to rev.ea1 to her my w3t hairy chest. She placed her hand on my chest and said ” you are sweating so much, let me get a towel “She fetched a towel and started to wipe my chest herself saying I can do this much for my lovely Sir.” You have so much hair sir, naturally they would become w3t.” Her hand moved on to my armp!ts, she swiped my hairy armp!ts very lightly and said” If I wipe a little h@rder it will hurt you, what to do?
She bends down very near my armp!t so that her mouth was breathing heavily on my pits.She was taking in the aroma of my hairy armp!t. Her nose was buried in my armp!ts. I said if you do not mind you can l!ck them dry. She said she would love to… Her ton.gue started to l!ck my hairy armp!ts one after the other. Ahhh what an exquisite feeling… wow… she l!cking my armp!ts felt heavenly…She must have l!cked them for about 10 minutes. I love to get my armp!ts l!cked and it seemed she loved to l!ck them… I was rock h@rd… my c0.ck was pressing h@rd against my jeans… and since she was lying on top of me she too must have felt my h@rdness against her.
She said she was going to get a glass of water, and then I heard her shout and a noise of water bottle being dropped. I said what happened? She came back dripping with water and said she dropped the water bottle on herself. The water made her top completely see through and I could clearly see her massive b00bs and her big n!pp!es. She said I had dried your chest, now you dry my chest and handed me the towel.
I started to clean her neck and face and moved down. My hand slowly moved to her cl3avage. I looked at her to see her response, but her eyes were shut. I gathered courage & I pulled at her top’s knot and the top was free. And her naked t!ts were right there in front of me. I tentatively brushed her b00bs and looked at her, she said yes sir they too are w3t. I started to dry her t!ts and her stomach, my hands massaged her t!ts and squeezed them. She moa.ned. She said ‘ Sir, you have to clean this too, pointing to her n!pp!es.
But since they are sensitive, why don’t to l!ck them dry?’ I agreed. I said why don’t you lie down while I l!ck you dry. She lied down and I climbed on top of Tina, my h@rd c0.ck pressed on her pus$.y through my jeans and her sk!rt. I started to squeeze her b00bs and started to l!ck her n!pp!es. Soon her n!pp!es were er3ct and she was moa.n!ng loudly. Then I climbed down after a while
Tina said ‘ It is so h()t Sir, how can you wear such thick jeans, why don’t you remove them’ I removed my jeans and now I was in my micro und!es. My c0.ck was rock h@rd and pushed forward; my precu.m had made a spot in front of my und!es. I said’ Tina, why don’t you remove your sk!rt also and be comfortable.’ She too removed her sk!rt. So, we were both in our und!es. Her p@nty was netty type and her cu.nt hairs were clearly visible. We sat down together. She kept on staring at my rock h@rd c0.ck thro’ my und!es. And I was staring at her p@nty.
She placed her hand on my th!gh and said ‘ you are such a good man, can you please scratch my back, and I’m so itchy’ I said OK, put your head on my lap. Tina placed her head on my lap, her mouth was breathing on my th!gh, and she placed her hand on my inner th!gh, while I scratched her back. My throbbing c0.ck was virtually thrust in her face. She started to slowly move her hand on my b@lls. Her hand brushed my c0.ck several times. She put her hand on the w3t spot on my und!es and said you are so w3t here, let me clean you. And she took my er3ct c0.ck in her mouth through the und!es. She l!cked my c0.ck thro’ the und!es. I could hold no longer… I pulled out my c0.ck from my und!es, its precu.m spilled on her hand. I said This place is sensitive, so you will have to l!ck this dry. Before I could complete my sentence, she had already taken my c0.ck deep in her mouth and started to su.ck h@rd. Her ton.gue played havoc on my c0.ck, sometimes taking it fully in her mouth and sometime l!cking just the globe…
Within a few minutes I was ready to shoot. I said’ Tina I am going to release a lot of water, outside your mouth. She said no, I want to taste it and started to l!ck me again. I soon came, so h@rd spurt after spurt in her mouth. She gratefully drank my cu.m, and cleaned my c0.ck dry and then reluctantly let my now soft c0.ck go. She said” Sir, I’m so w3t here and put my hand on her pus$.y. She said I’m not only w3t but very scratchy…..
Well, after she l!cked my c0.ck dry, we again sat down together. She said IM feeling so scratchy here and pointed to her p@nty. I was stark naked and she was in her lacy black see through p@nty. I put my finger on her cu.nt through the p@nty, I said” you are so w3t here”… Yes, she said. Then I slid my fingers in her p@nty and put my middle finger in her w3t pus$.y. She started to moa.n. Then, I put my forefinger as well in her cu.nt. My two fingers moved in and out of her fuck h0le. She was moa.n!ng loudly.”Hmm, I like your scratching sir,,, please don’t stop.” My fingers were making a slouching noise as it fucked her cu.nt… After a while I said’ this fingers are no good, let me l!ck you there’. I pushed her down and l!cked her thro’ her soggy p@nty…My lips pulling at her cu.nt lips… After 2-3 minutes I removed her w3t p@nty. I then buried my face in her smelly pus$.y. My ton.gue played havoc on her cu.nt…
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My face had become all w3t due to her cu.m…
Few minute later I stopped… Tina said’ that was heavenly’… My c0.ck had got er3ct again after all this… She took it in her hand and started to l!ck it slowly, not in a hurried manner… I said’ Tina, why don’t I put this stick in your h0le, so that you can also get scratched properly inside and I too will get scratched!!!!!She immediately agreed. And I climbed on top of her, she took hold of my c0.ck and guided it in side her. Wow… The feeling of entering her warm w3t h0le was exquisite. I just let my c0.ck remain inside her cu.nt without doing anything… Then I slowly started to pump in and out… She was cu.m copiously… I increased my speed in n out, in n out…After 3-4 minutes I came, inside her. Spurt after spurt in her cu.nt… She too came again, to match my cu.m… ..As I was departing, Tina said’ I loved the novel way of drying and scratching the body’. I agreed’ it was good’ Then, She said’ Next time my friend Seema too would like to take tuitions’ I said’ why not, the more the merrier


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