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The Housemaid Diaries: Paying my Oga’s debt

It was a Sunday afternoon and Oga had a visitor. This was actually unlike him because he mostly spent Sundays resting after his return from church. This was usually his time to rest.

I didn’t blame him. He worked Mondays to Saturdays so he could provide for his wife and two kids who lived abroad. I hardly ever saw him because he returned from work really late and he spent Sundays just resting or doing whatever in his room.
So, that afternoon, when he was entertaining a guest, I was very surprised. I was supposed to be ironing his clothes but I hung around in case my Oga needed me to get something for his guest.
I sat quietly in the kitchen, waiting, and soon I began to hear some argument in the sitting room. I was curious because I had never heard Oga raise his voice before. I tiptoed to the sitting room trying to hear what the argument was about.

“I said I don’t have your money. If I had it, do you think I would not give it to you?” He asked, sounding upset.

“You keep saying that. All you people sef, whenever it comes to borrowing money, no one can get rid of you, but when it comes to payback, it becomes a fight.” His guest replied. I could hear the anger in his voice.
“What do you want? Shey I should go and steal for you? If I had I would give you.”
I was so engrossed in this conversation as I did not notice that I was walking even closer to the sitting room. My hip came in contact with one glass vase standing in the hallway, it fell down and shattered. I jumped in shock, and jumped once again when Oga yelled my name.

Kemi! he shouted. I ran out to the living room, holding shards of the broken vase in my hands.
“What is going on?” He said, looking visibly angry now. He never talked to me this way before and I was sure that he was transferring his argument with his friends to me.

“Sorry, sir, I was just…” I tried to speak. I was so nervous and my hands were shaking so bad that I again dropped the glass I was holding. I bent to frantically pick them up.
As I got up, I noticed Oga’s friend clear his throat, I looked at him to see him looking down at my bre@.$ts. It seemed when I bent down, my shirt probably revealed some part of my cleavage.  I was so flustered that I simply just hurried out of the living room.

I ran back to the kitchen and closed the door behind me, scared that Oga would get mad about me eavesdropping and breaking the vase which was very expensive.
I sat on a stool for a few minutes then I heard my name called again. I hurried out to answer him.

Oga and his friend looked quietly at me when I entered. Both were silent for a while and I was starting to get uncomfortable as I just stood there.
Oga cleared his throat a couple of times and said, “Mr. Nze needs your help.”
I looked at his friend, confused. “Should I serve him food?”
“No, no food.” He looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat again, “I want you to go with him.”
“Wh… where?” I asked. Now getting worried.
“Inside the room. Take him inside and…”
“I will take care of you,” Mr. Nze interrupted.
I turned to look at him, still confused. He stood up, held my hand and started to lead me to one of the guest rooms in the house.

The closer we got to the room, the more nervous I got. I knew this would not be good. As we closed the door to the room behind us, he held my face and brought his face closer to me.
I pushed him off. “No, what are you doing, sir?”
“Come on, I will make it good for you.” He said, as he began to pull at my wrapper.
I struggled with him and pushed him off again.
“What is your problem. Your Oga should even be glad I am accepting this gift. Do you know how much he owes me?” He was starting to yell and I was afraid.

I worried that Oga would be madder at me than before if he heard me saying no to Mr. Nze.
And from what he said, I was sure Oga would be forced to pay a huge amount if I said no. But the idea of having S3@.x:’ with this fat, disgusting old man made me feel like vomitting.
He kept pulling at my clothes again and he soon started sweating with anticipation. I closed my eyes when he tugged my wrapper loose and began to pull down my panties.

He held my hand and led me to the bed and made me lie down. He did not even try to take off my blouse. He spread my legs and brought his head down between my legs. Before I knew what was happening, he put his tongue inside my pu.$$y.

The shock made me moan out loud. I did not expect the pleasure. I had never had a guy eat my pu.$$y before and I did not know it felt good.
He slipped his tongue to the entrance of my pu.$$y and began to lick me. My pu.$$y began to swell as I started to get pretty turned on.
He moaned into my pu.$$y and continue to lick and suck at it. I could not help but moan and jerk around as he ate and ate. He moved his tongue this way and that and finally, began to penetrate my pu.$$y.
It was so different from a D!.ck which was what I was used too. The wetness from his mouth and the wetness from my pu.$$y meshed together making the bed underneath me get soaked.
He licked and licked until my pu.$$y wanted to explode. I put my hands on my head, grabbed a chunk my hair and pulled as I felt something take over me and spill out of my pu.$$y. I had never had an org@.$m before and the idea that this dirty old man took me there was unnerving.

After licking up all my cum, he stood up, unzipped his trousers and entered my awaiting pu.$$y. He did not even give me a chance to recover. He drove his D!.ck into me and I moaned out even louder.
His D!.ck was long and thick. Each time he entered me, it hurt deep in my cervix and felt like my pu.$$y was splitting in two. Each thrust drove me insane.

I was trying to stay quiet but his D!.ck felt so good inside of me. I could look down and see my pu.$$y juice drip from his D!.ck each time he withdrew.

He rammed into me harder and faster as he got the closer to cumming. In no time at all, he was roughly and frantically entering me in really speedy thrusts.
The clapping sound our bodies were making began to get faster and more urgent until he finally came deep in me, and collapsed beside me.


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