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The Lecturer’s assault

When Bella knocked on my door around 2:30 that afternoon, I did not know what to think.

She let herself in and slowly walked into my office, holding on to the other end of the desk, facing me.

“Do you need something?” I asked, faking a form of bravado as I was a bit uncomfortable with her being in my office.

Apart from the fact that she entered unannounced, another thing that bugged me was the way she was dressed.

She wore a simple red dress that clinged to the right places. Her curves were clearly visible and so were her nipples. With each step she took towards my desk, I could see her bre@.$ts jiggle. I felt my palm begin to sweat.

Bella was a student of mine. Of course, I have noticed and admired her beauty, but I knew that going after her would be crossing the line and this was not my style.

She was in her final year, so I knew that my attraction to her will soon cease to be a problem. But watching her enter my office was one scenario I never expected.

She sat on the chair opposite my desk and held my gaze after I asked her what she wanted. She slowly smiled and came over to where I sat. She rested against the desk.

“I would like a favour, but first of all, I want to do something for you.” She said, her voice extremely sultry. I was speechless for a bit. I tried to talk but the words caught in my throat. She leaned down and gave me a kiss.

I wanted to pull away but the sweetness of her lips made this so difficult. In fact, I was drowning in that kiss, so much so that I did not notice when she reached down and unzipped my trousers. When I did, I jolted away.

“Shhh… You know you want this to happen just as much as I do,” she whispered as she brought my D!.ck out and begin to stroke it.

Slowly, she put her warm mouth around the tip of my D!.ck and softly sucking it in, playing a little bit with her tongue, deeper and deeper every time.

She played it with her tongue every now and again, got back to sucking so skillfully. She squeezed my hard balls lightly and played with it with her fingers while still sucking me. She got up and unbuttoned my shirt, I was speechless.

She slowed down after a while and started kissing me again and swirling her warm tongue from my lips, butterfly kisses and slight sucking of my earlobes, to my jaw line, my neck, my chest, my nipple, to my abdomen, down to the tip of my C@.ck, to my hardening balls where she lingered little longer, licking them slightly; feeling her teeth on them before sucking them alternately.

I really couldn’t hold it any longer. I just had to have her, damn the consequences! I moaned as the pleasure ran all over my body.

She hiked up her dress and sat on my lap. I felt her soft skin on mine. She kissed my lips hard and urgently.

She grabbed my D!.ck and rubbed it softly on her smooth warm went cunt. She moaned in pleasure. She moaned in my mouth and she moaned louder and louder as she was getting close to cumming while she was rubbing my D!.ck on her clit.

She stood up and I felt her ass on my lower abdomen and not long after, I felt her tight wet pu.$$y on my hard D!.ck.

She pushed it in gently until I was all inside her and she started moving her way up and down my C@.ck. She placed her hands on my knees and started pumping her tight wet pu.$$y on my C@.ck.

She moaned with pleasure and so did I. I could only hear the sound of our skin clapping each time she moved.

She spread her thighs a little wider and again she worked herself on me. I could feel her wet cunt tighten as she neared her org@.$m.

She F**.cked me as fast as she could until I heard her moan even louder and felt her juices soaking my C@.ck. “Oh…! Oh…! Oh my… Oh… so F**.cking good! F**.ck. You feel so good,” she said as she let go.

I saw her pretty face in pure ecstasy as she moved up and down, her perky bre@.$ts bouncing up and down as she F**.cked me harder.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed them. Moved my right hand to one her bre@.$t, lightly squeezing it before putting her hard sweet nipple in my mouth and sucked it as hard I could which made her pu.$$y feel tighter and she moaned much louder so I did the same with her other bre@.$t.

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I focused on pleasuring her with her tits while she was F**.cking me with her pu.$$y until again, I heard her moan louder and louder. She looked so beautiful as she came for the second time.

As I felt my body about to explode in so much pleasure, I held on to her as she F**.cked me harder and rougher.

I completely lost it and cummed deep inside her cunt. She didn’t stop until I unloaded everything I could in her and she came one more time.

After sitting that way for a bit, she got up, adjusted her dress and left. She didn’t get to tell me what the S3@.x:’ was for, but I had no doubt that I will pay dearly for every single second of pleasure I just enjoyed


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