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True Definition Of Sin.

Jeremiah 2:13 (Goodnews trans)_"For my people have committed two sins: they have turned away from me, the Spring of fresh water, and they have dug cisterns, cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all."

Sin is the drifting away of the heart of man from God his Vine. This is the root of all sin. From this malady sprouted all manner of evil works. In the beginning God told Adam the first man, the day you will eat from this tree, you will be declaring independence from me and the result of the separation of your heart and mind from mine will be death( sickness, diseases, poverty, ignorance, confusion etc). 

"Your secession from Me your Vine will bring you death, says the holy One." Adam turned away from his vine through the deception of the devil and he brought death upon himself and his offsprings after him. But for God so love his lost branches, in the fullness of time, He came down to bring us back to Himself. To unite us again to himself that we may live and not wither and die.

Oh man! "How foolish you will be, if you refuse to come back to your Vine, so that you may live." Surely, just as a branch will die and be begotten so you will die without you being filled with your vine( JESUS CHRIST). I'm not threatening you or trying to scare you to believe. I'm only saying the reality and truth. 

Jesus your Vine loves you more than you can comprehend and he has made a way for you to return to him through his divine blood that was shed for you. Why delay your return? Why procrastinate? He is eager to have you back. He wants to fill you, until you overflow with his indestructible and impregnable life. 

The Spirit and the Lamb says come. "I can't wait to have you back in Christ where you belong, lost brother.

I love you but Jesus loves you more.


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