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Was I Wrong to Have Hugged a Male Friend on my Wedding Day?

I want the honest truth as I am pained right now. Was I wrong to hug the opposite s3x on my wedding day?
Here is my story
I got married last year. I’m trying not to say that the day I got married was the worst day of my life. I have always anticipated my wedding day but because I got pregnant before marriage, my boyfriend said that his pastor said we could no longer have an elaborate wedding.
I felt betrayed cause he never mentioned it until I got pregnant. I was so sad to see my wedding dreams die as I am the first girl of my parents who have also been anticipating my wedding day. My parents were not happy, but they agreed.
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At 7 p.m on the day of my wedding, my family friend who I haven’t seen in a while and has been wishing to see my husband came to visit me at our hotel room with his girlfriend. Fortunately, I was outside the room as some people were in my room and it was kind of stuffy. I hugged my family friend.
Later, my husband came and said he saw me hugging the guy and I was like, “yea meet….” before I could even say jack, he hissed and left. I was still wondering what was going on when he returned and said, “so you are still talking to this idiot.” Men! I was shocked! This is someone he has never met but they have spoken a couple of times on the phone. My husband got so angry that my sister and my cousin who were watching started begged him. I tried to plead with him too but he walked away to the room where some of his friends and brothers were and slammed the door.
I overheard him say and I quote, “You this fool, you don’t have respect for me. I just finished paying your dowry and you are there hugging an idiot.”
Gosh! I felt like entering the ground. I felt embarrassed, coupled with the fact that my wedding didn’t go well at all and till today he’s still not remorseful of what he did that day.
When I ask him why he did that, he said they are a lots of times he (my husband) introduces a girl he’s having sex with as his family friend, so typically, he thought that I was dating the guy or he was my ex. I was shocked cause I’m not a wayward girl. He thought that I was doing what he does.
I also hate it when people shout at me but I guess he just doesn’t care. When he’s angry, he says plenty of disgusting words. My main aim of writing this is because anytime we argue and he shouts at me, I remember our wedding night. How do I forget the pain he caused me? I could not even watch my wedding video. Did I commit a crime by hugging another man on that day? I am crying as I write this. I love my husband so much and I know he loves me too but I cannot forget this pain.


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