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He Caught Me With My Ex

My story is a sorry one. I made a grave mistake which cost me my marriage. My name is Kunbi and this is my divorce story.

I was the happening girl back in school. I partied and went out a lot. It didn’t affect my grades though. My family had money and a long-standing family business. I really didn’t lack anything.

I met my husband, Boye while I was dating another person. We met at a function. He liked me and told me so almost immediately we met. I told him I was in a relationship. He still wanted me. I must confess he was a looker. Finer than my boyfriend.  He was rich too. My boyfriend was boring compared to him. We became friends. We also still bumped into each other at times at parties.

One day one thing led to another and we made love in his car. I cheated on my boyfriend. I felt so bad but I also enjoyed it. He was full of remorse too. We promised never to do it again. We broke that promise a week later. I knew I had to do something fast or risk my boyfriend finding out.

Even though my boyfriend was boring, I still had feelings for him. Boye was different; he had the sparks and charisma. I enjoyed his lovemaking more than my boyfriend’s. I became confused. I felt bad about cheating on my boyfriend. To save my face; I picked a quarrel with my boyfriend and ended things with him. I needed to know if Boye was going to work. He was devastated. He begged and begged because it was such a minor thing. I moved on.

Boye and I continued our relationship and even though it looked like a fling, I eventually fell in love with him. We dated for almost a year and then he proposed. My joy knew no bounds as We got married about six months later. We were happy together and We had a daughter a year after our marriage.

All was well except that Boye was always suspicious of all my movements. He didn’t allow me to go out often. He screened my friends and monitored my calls. If he had to leave town, he would call me at intervals just to be sure I was home. I did catering and had to get a biker to help with deliveries because I couldn’t go out often.

One day after about six years of my marriage, my ex-boyfriend called me. I wondered how he got my number and why he was calling. He asked how I was and how my business was doing. I answered him coolly. He then told me he was engaged to be married but needed a caterer for his wedding cake and that a mutual friend had given him my number. I was relieved that it was a business call.

I agreed to make the cake and urged him to call me whenever he was ready. Perhaps I should I have told my husband, I don’t know but it seemed like a harmless thing. He called me months later to say he was ready but he resided in another town so he would come in briefly and lodge in a hotel to see me so we could discuss. I felt wary at first but he assured me that it was purely business.

On the day I was to meet him, I told my husband that I needed to see a client about a job. He was reluctant to let me go. I should have told him it was a hotel perhaps he would have stopped me or gone with me.

When I got to the hotel, I found my way to his room. He had told me he would be there with his fiancée so I didn’t feel anyhow. I knocked and went in. Fiancée wasn’t there. He said she had gone to drop off an item, I began to feel uncomfortable. He didn’t touch me but we spent time talking about the old times.

I apologized again for hurting him and he was cool about it. Then we discussed the wedding and the kind of cake he wanted. He paid me upfront and walked me to the lobby. There I came face to face with Boye. He called me a slut and every kind of name. I tried to explain that it was only business, he didn’t listen. He beat me and tore my top.

My ex tried to calm him but he brushed him aside. When I got home he put my things out of our room. I begged him that nothing happened but he didn’t believe me. The families got involved but it seemed his family believed him more.

We got divorced. I still blame myself till today. It’s just been over a year. I’m praying to God to vindicate me. My ex was sympathetic but said I should have told my husband everything before coming to see him.  He agreed that my Boye had trust issues. He had trailed me from the house or probably read my messages.


Ladies don’t put yourself in a situation that will make you look bad. Thanks.


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