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He was starving me! It Was Either A Divorce or I Cheat

As shared on Davina diaries
"Hello, Davina diaries, my name is Ojochide, I have been reading your blog for the past six months and I find the divorce stories quite interesting. I’m divorced as well and I would love to share my story.

I have come to know that some little factors that seem like a little deal could ruin a marriage. I always assumed that in marriage, it’s the men that complain about lack of sx, but in my case, it was the other way round.

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I met my husband when I was visiting a friend. Osas was a cool guy, quite handsome but on the gentle side. I was on the other hand outgoing and what you would call a drama queen. He was a friend to her neighbor and that day we all hung out.

He was easy to converse with. We stayed casual friends for a while until I got a job close to where he lived. This made us get closer and most times after work I would go to his house to watch a movie or just chill.

I had been sxu@lly active in the past. I enjoyed every bit of it. Maybe I just dated guys who were good at it. My expectations from my husband when it came to sx was high even before marriage. After a few months of being friends, Osas decided we should take it further and become lovers.

I didn’t mind because he seemed to have all I needed in a man. We dated for three months and in these three months, we only had sx thrice. I attributed it to tiredness from work. I had a dildo which I used occasionally. My major concern was to have children.

He proposed after the third month of dating and we got married a few months later. The problem of sx became very glaring after our first child was born. He never initiated sx and when I did, he would grumble. Even before I pregnancy, he got tired after only one round.

I tried to manage it and then I discovered I was pregnant. I even thought my libido would drop after the birth of my child, rather, it went higher. Even a round of sx was like foreplay to me. I knew I would soon be tempted to cheat so I tried to get help.

I discussed with my hubby about getting an aphrodisiac to help. He turned down the idea. He felt he was doing well in bed. Foreplay was almost nonexistent. Soon enough I got really cranky. I turned to my dildo because I didn’t want to cheat.

One day he walked in on me helping myself with the dildo. He got mad and called me possessed. He said I was in need of deliverance. We had a bitter row and in anger, I moved my things out of our room. He reported me to my family who tried to resolve the issue but it got more frustrating.

I began to wonder if he was doing it deliberately. He was starving me of sx. It made me go out at night to drink myself to stupor. I came home to sleep and take my mind off sx. On one occasion I met a guy who almost had sx with me. This was when I decided to end the marriage. It was affecting our communication and I was always angry and depressed.

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I walked away and we got a divorce. We share custody of our child. I have since remarried a man whose drive was as good as mine. We are happy and have two children together. My ex has also remarried; hopefully, she is not like me.

My reason for divorce may look lame, but it’s better than cheating.


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