It had been a long night at work and I just finished my trip to see my girlfriend out of state. Not looking forward to the long drive but am looking forward to a few cold ones at her house and some of her sweet p.ussy.

She shaves her tasty snatch completely bald and just imagining it is giving me some serious wood. After traveling for for 3 hours on the interstate my car completely dies and I manage to hobble it to the side of the road. I manage to hitch a ride and get dropped of at the nearest motel, which just so happens to be in the middle of no where. Tiny little roach motel but im tired and stressed and at this point not being picky.

After knocking on the office door for what seems a 5 very long minutes the proprietor opens up and invites me inside. And as luck would have it my eyes can’t believe what i’m seeing. Very gorgeous blonde in revealing hip hugger jeans and a blue tube top that is just small enough to barely be covering her very volumptious t!ts.

Hopefully she doesn’t notice how my eyes stared her down…….. and back up. I explain my situation and she informs me that since this is their slow season and there are no other guests she’ll give me a break on the room. I grab the room keys and thank her after laying down a couple alexanders on the desk and walk across the street for a 6-pack of frosty ones.

Getting back to my room I kick back, pop a few open and commenced working on my buzz. After awhile I am feeling no pain and i hear what sounds like a knock on the door. Opening up the door…. there she is the owner. She asks if she can come in for a bit, as it tends to get lonely and boring in the office and I happily grant her passage. She comes in and I notice a half rack in her hands, my kinda woman.

We sit and down a few just killing time, her long, blonde locks seem to dance on her shoulders as she talks and every so often her eyes flash at me and she toys with her braids, subtly but noticeably flirting with me. She obviously is feeling her oats as well after several beers and suddenly I feel her foot creeping slowly up my leg and along my thigh under the table.

My c()ck immediately starts to throb and pulsate and my jeans are increasingly becoming more uncomfortable. She leans closer to me and whispers” lets get more comfortable” into my ear. Slowly she walks over to the bed i can see her pink lacey th0ng showing through the top of her jeans.

Removing her tubetop and dropping it to the floor after which she slips each leg from her jeans tossing them to the side. Laying back on the bed she motions for me to come closer and I know she won’t have to tell me twice. Standing in front off her she unbottons my shirt throwing it aside then she unbuttons my jeans dropping them to the floor I kick them away and she slides my briefs off. My c()ck is definitely standing at attention at this point and she grasps my c()ck in her hands giving me a few good strokes before her tongue washes over my mushroom c()ckhead leaving no spot untouched. She is working her mouth like i pro and I arch my back slightly as she scoots to the very edge of the bed. Before I know it my c()ckhead is parting her lips and she swirls her head around as her hott mouth hungrily devours my pulsating shaft.

Thrusting my hips i begin to fu.c k her sweet mouth as i reach down playing with her awesome tits twirling her nipples between my fingertips. Her mouth slides furiously up my shaft and then back down I swear her tongue can almost taste my balls. I can’t take it anymore so i lay her back on the bed and slide her panties off. 

Running my tongue along her neck hearing her softly moan, my hands exploring every inch of her body. Tracing my tongue slowly down running the tip in circles around each nipple tasting her sweet skin. Slowly moving across her abdomen her scent intoxicating me, running my hands along her thighs i part her legs and spread her sweet p.ussy lips with my hungry tongue. Tracing my tongue along every crease of her sweet p.ussy lips moving upwards
Reaching her cl1t I flick my tongue across her sweet little nub causing it to come out of it’s hood taking it in my mouth, nibbling, sucking, swirling my tongue in figure eights around it. She grasps the back of my hair moaning loudly pushing my face deeper into her wet c0nt!Thrusting my tongue deeper into her wet snatch tasting her sweet juices wanting to thrust my prick deep inside her. Raising up I throw her legs over my shoulders rubbing the tip of my c()ck along her sweet p.ussy lips finally my shaft parts her lips as i dive deep inside her. Placing my hands underneath her asscheeks for leaverage I thrust deeper and deeper inside her her p.ussy juices lubing my hot c()ck her p.ussy lips engulfing me hungraly devouring my c()ck. “oooooh fu.c k yes, yes, yes baby”she screams as I own her p.ussy my balls slamming against her tight little asshole with each thrust.

“Fu.c k me from behind”, she shouts and i turn her over, laying her on her stomach slapping my c()ck on her ass c**eks before i press my body deep into hers my shaft dissapearing deep inside her wett c*nt!Moving my hands underneath her, clasping her awesome t!ts as i slam my c()ck harder, faster, deeper inside her. she clentches the bedsheets in the palms of her hands moaning with pleasure as I fill her p.us.sy completely with my c()ck!Our bodies slapping together furiously and I feel the walls of her p.ussy contracting tightly around my shaft holding my throbbing c()ck prisoner inside her. 

Her a$s begins to buck and I can feel her starting to come on my prick so I begin fu.c king her faster, the bedsheets becoming drenched from the sweat of our bodies. “Come deep in my p.ussy, fu.c k me baby”, she yells and i thrust deeper and deeper feeling my c()ck start to spurt and before I know it her p.ussy grips my shaft tightly her juices dripping down to my balls as I cream her my come filling her dribbling down her clit and soaking her shaved p.ussy lips. Falling on the bed next to her completely spent, she gets up going to the bathroom and coming back out with a towel. After cleaning herself up she throws the towel to me and gets dressed. 

Coming over to the bed she presses her lips against mine kissing me and before she is gone through the door she turns around telling me”dont forget room service in the morning”


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