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I Married A Male hooker (Gigolo)

My name is Leah and this was what went down in my marriage. I got introduced to my ex by some friends. They all felt he was the one for me. He had a fairly reasonable job and a nice apartment. I had a job too but I desperately wanted to start a family. Idemudia was quite good looking with an athletic build. I was taken in by his physique. So you can imagine my joy when he said he loved me too. We dated for few months before we tied the knot.

He said he had no money after the wedding as all of his savings was used. I was not surprised because truly we had spent a lot. I never knew he had lost his job just a month after we wedded. He kept this from me. I provided from my small salary for both of us. It took three months for the truth to come out. He begged me that he didn’t want to alarm me that was why he kept it hidden. I didn’t complain, I simply shared what I had with him. A thing got really tough when I had my first child, dividing my meagre salary into three was not easy.

I managed until one day; Idemudia announced that he had gotten a job in a gym. He was to manage the place for a little sum. I felt it was better than nothing. He closed early and it gave him the opportunity to hunt for better jobs. I took in again shortly after. Things were still tight for us. I began to try my hands on several small things like selling cheap jewellery.

Idemudia seemed to be satisfied with his job at the gym. He only gave money for diapers for the baby and cereals for our older child. I had to sort out bills by myself and he expected food when he returned from work. We continued like this for almost two years. Then suddenly things began to take a new turn. My husband would disappear for nights and return with goodies. He began to buy goodies for the children a lot. He also contributed a lot of foodstuffs.

I was relieved as the burden was getting too much for me. I was also curious about his sudden financial expansion. I asked him several times but he only said I complained when there was no money and now that money had come I was still complaining. I asked about where he vanished to most weekends, he said work. He then went into a long sermon on how he had to do what was necessary to care for his family.

I was amazed because this wasn’t his thought process before. I began to fear that he was doing some wrong things. As soon as he bought a car, I decided to investigate.

On one of the days he vanished, I went to the gym. He was not there of course but a young lady approached me and when I asked for him. She inquired whether I was a client. I didn’t understand at first then I asked if she meant for the gym, she said no, home services. Another lady came in at that point. She looked influential and rich. She asked for my husband and the other girl said he was out for the night. She grumbled and pulled out her phone, she called my husband and began to scold him. I was lost. What exactly was my husband doing? I got my answer soon enough. He was an escort. He slept with rich lonely women for money in the guise of doing workouts at their homes.

I confronted him and he told me to mind my business. I begged him to stop but he only laughed. I was scared of contracting a deadly disease from him. I threatened to leave him but he had gotten sucked into it. I guess it was deeper than I thought. For the sale of my sanity, I left him.

I’m currently raising my children myself. My husband is a confirmed gigolo. He has moved in with one of his numerous ‘clients’.

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