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I Suspect My Mom Is Cheating, Help Me!!

This is a fact based on what is happening in my family presently.
Around last week Fridays afternoon i saw my mom hiding her phone from me at first, i didn’t even bother but when I discovered she was sending messages to an unknown number i started putting notice to it. This happened till late in the night like around 2 am, i was awake and I went to the sitting room only to see her washing clothes in the laundry and simultaneously chatting with someone and this is very unusual of her but my father didn’t notice anyways.
On Saturday Last week the following morning i heard her making calls that she will be there by afternoon i felt like confronting her but i felt that she might just be going to her place of work. Afternoon came and she said she was going to another town for a naming ceremony we didn’t mind. I left the house and i came back around 9pm and discovered that she wasn’t back yet so i called her and she told me she won’t be coming back that night then i knew she was up to something. I listened to the background very much and I noticed it isn’t a party stuff or anything.
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On Sunday she came back and I was mad but i just kept mute as i thought that I was not in a position to confront her.
Fast forward to today’s early morning around 4 am. I heard my dad’s angry voice he was very angry with my mum at first I thought she broke something in the room but i later heard my mum pleading that he didn’t have sex with the man. After much contemplating, i went out of my room to the sitting room where they were and i saw my mom holding her phone i sensed that, her act has been exposed. My father left us there and went to his room. I confronted my mom and told her that i knew she didn’t go for a naming ceremony the previous week and she was kind of surprised and she asked me how i got to know but I didn’t reply her.
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My dad came out of his room and asked her to come inside. Like after about two hours, my mom came to call me and I went to their room and dad sat me down and told me that he saw a text message on my mom phone the sender said they were to meet the day before but she my mom didn’t meet him. My mom said the man is just a boss at his office and nothing more. So dad told me that I am his witness that if such happens again that he is going to divorce my mom. Well, my mom insisted that she didn’t have sex with the man
I have 3 siblings and but they are still small am the first born am about clocking 20 years of age.
What should I do please?


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