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Lola’s Tales: Sleeping with three Guys (Episode 2)

As we kissed, I felt a hand on my B@.0b$. Jason was exciting my body with his hands. Damn, I was getting hornier as I got more attention…
This story continues from the point where Korede went to get the other guys to come join us in our little S3@.x:’ party. If you missed the first part, click HERE to read it.
I laid on Korede’s bed quietly, waiting for him to return with my presents. I really hoped his friends will be interested in having a good time.
I stroked my body as I waited, enjoying the feel of my palms on my perky B@.0b$ and erect n1pples. I slid my hands over my flat tummy and rested them on my bald pu.$$y.
I had an excited smile on my face and felt butterflies in my tummy. I imagined how it’d feel to have these guys pamper me and stretch me out. I could only imagine though, as I was getting ready for my first ever ga*gbang.
Korede entered the room first. He kissed my lips and sat on the bed beside me. For one split second, I thought the guys were not coming, but then I saw Banky, Abbey and Jason walk in.
They had removed their shirts and I enjoyed a few seconds of admiring their bodies. Jason came in with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and a couple of shot gla$$es. The two guys joined Korede on the bed while Jason stood, pouring the drink into the gla$$es and pa$$ing it round.
Korede got out his phone to play a song. I never heard it before, it sounded like it was from a rock band. He increased the volume to the highest until it was all we could hear.
Jason was the first to make a move. He came over, gave me a deep kiss and joined us in bed. The guys were all slim built but Jason was the skinniest. He also had this rugged air around him like he played by his own rules.
Korede got off the bed and sat on a chair opposite it, sipping his drink and watching my n@ked body on the bed as I lay between three shirtless guys.
Banky made the next move. He started to stroke my leg slowly. Abbey gave me my next kiss, hmmm, he was certainly the better kisser. He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth in a possessive, S3@.x:’y way.
As we kissed, I felt a hand on my B@.0b$. Jason was rubbing me up and exciting my body with his hands. Damn, I was getting h@rnier as I got more attention.
Banky continued to stroke me until he reached my upper th1gh. He spread my legs apart and began to tease the outer part of my pu.$$y. I moaned into Abbey’s mouth and closed my eyes to completely focus on the beautiful feelings.
I soon heard the sound of a trouser zip being undone. Jason had taken his hands off my b@@b and was taking off his trousers. I opened my eyes just as Abbey stopped kissing me, and watched Jason get n@ked. He unleashed a big, hard D!.ck that surprised me.
His skinny frame was very deceptive, because this dude was packing one of the biggest D!.cks I had ever seen. I smiled at him, he smiled back and came closer.
I opened my mouth in waiting as he began to F**.ck my mouth. Abbey and Banky also got naked while this was going on. Jason had straddled my face and began to slip his big D!.ck in and out of my mouth.
It was so hard keeping my lips around it because it was so huge, that I just had my mouth open and let him enter. I was so focused on what Jason was doing that I was a little startled when I felt something in my pu.$$y.

It was Abbey’s fingers. He was doing some crazy magic down there that I was finding it difficult to lie still. I moaned on Jason’s C@.ck in my mouth and felt myself being carried away.
“I want to F**.ck you in the a$$,” Jason whispered in my ears. I nodded in compliance and the boys got off me.
Banky was now the one laying down on his back. He was stroking his C@.ck and waiting to be straddled. I got down on him on my hands and knees so I can give Jason access to my a$$hole at the same time.
Abbey kneeled by Banky’s side and faced his own D!.ck towards my mouth for some sweet sucking. I was grinding against Banky’s C@.ck and bouncing on it, enjoying myself when I felt Jason grab a hold of my a$$ from behind.
I stayed perfectly still as he slowly slipped into my a$$hole, at which point I gave a very loud moan. It felt so incredible having a D!.ck in my pu.$$y and a$$ at the same time. To shut me up, Abbey grabbed my head and made me take his C@.ck in my mouth.
I was doing so many things at once and I was being pleasured by such beautiful and strong men. I grinding against Banky while Jason thrusted deeply and S3@.x:’ily into my a$$hole.
Abbey grabbed my head and made sure I took his whole C@.ck in my mouth. I gagged and slobbered all over his D!.ck while also trying to focus on the two D!.cks riding me, one underneath and one behind.
The most overwhelming feeling was Jason’s large C@.ck invading my tight a$$hole. With his thrust, I felt like I was being split in two.
The pleasurable pain he was inflicting combined with the S3@.x:’y feeling I was enjoying as I F**.cked Banky honestly almost made me pa$$ out.

Banky was the sweetest. He teased and stroked my n2ples to heighten my pleasure as I F**.cked him. Abbey on the other hand, made sure I felt his D!.ck deep in my throat.
I noticed Abbey grabbed my hair very hard and his thrusts became so much faster and I knew I was about to swallow some juicy cu.m.
I stilled my body, put both my hands around Abbey’s D!.ck and su(ked him until the juices came flowing. He shot his cu.m straight into my throat. I made sure to lick them all up and swallow. The sight of me swallowing Abbey’s cu.m like some cu.m-hungry sl*t must have excited Jason because he soon grabbed my a$$ extra tight and thrusted so deep I screamed.
I screamed and screamed and begged him to slow down. He finally took out his D!.ck, came to my side, grabbed my hair and began to F**.ck my mouth. I closed my eyes as he shut his own cu.m in my mouth. I tasted him and also tasted my a$$hole as he made me suck on all his juices as I did for Abbey.
When I was done, Banky grabbed my a$$ and made me bounce harder on his D!.ck. By this time, I was so dazed by all the F**.cking that I did not know which way was up. All the alcohol was getting to me.
Everything was blurry but I made sure I F**.cked this last D!.ck with all I had left. Finally, he held me still and shot his cu.m straight into me. I felt like was about to faint. I felt someone lift me and laid me on the bed.
In the blurry haze, I saw Korede on the chair, hands on his own D!.ck, watching me intently and squ1rting his own cu.m everywhere.
It was the last thing I remembered.


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