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My Husband Stuffs Tissue Inside My Body

Sometime last year when we where dating , he use to tell me that am too open and my pu.ssy is so wide , he kept complaining. Sometimes he ask me to put my fingers in while he puts his di.ck to make it tight, sometimes he uses a coke or Fanta bottle to put inside while he puts in his d.ick , until I started feeling pains and getting bruised, so we stopped.
When we got married , he started using tissue, he will stuff a roll of tissue inside of me before he penetrates me. I was not finding it funny , but I wanted to satisfy him .
Each time I urinate, particles of tissue come out, because they melt in my system .
Am so so scared , is there any other alternative???
Apart from tissue what else can I use to wage my p.ussy to make it tight for my husband ?
Please I need ur help I am afraid of getting infected.
At the same time I need to please my husband, I don't want him looking elsewhere. Would herbs help? What tighteners can in use?


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