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Story – Home Alone with my Step-Brother – Demola (!8+) – PART 1

My mum: Lola, guess what?
Me: what is it mum? You know I’m not good at guessing (so anxious)
My mum: well, Demola my fiancee just proposed to me,
I’m getting married (with excitement, showing me the engagement ring)
Me: wow! Congrats mum, I’m happy for you….. (Hugged her with happiness)
Well, its all started there… My name is Omolola but you can call me Lola for short, I’m 18 years old, I finished my ssce last year and I’ve wrote jamb like twice but no luck. My mum is 37 years old, she had me when she was just 18 years old, she works with an insurance company. My Dad is late, I never even got to meet him before he died. I heard he had an accident or something. Anyway, Demola is my mum’s boyfriend whom she’s been dating for 3 years now. Demola is also a single dad, he has a son named Daniel. Daniel is 21 years old, a student, a very flirty and handsome boy. Daniel is friendly, he takes me like a sister, in short we are close, very close but something happened between us that almost ruined our parent’s relationship and our family as a whole.
This is how it all started…. Eventually my mum and Demola got married, everybody was so happy, we moved into a new house, I now have someone to call dad, I have a brother too even tho he is my step brother. We moved into a very big house, a five bedroom duplex in Lagos. I have my own room, Daniel has his own room of course, what do you expect? We started living together as family, after the wedding our parent didn’t go for their honeymoon cos of the nature of their job, so they postponed it to when they would have enough time. I enjoyed the company of Daniel and his father, we were so close. I have a boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend, infact I’m not a virgin, so don’t be surprised. I lost my virg*n*ty at the age of 16 to a youth corper way back in secondary school, whom I dated for few months before he left me to his hometown. Daniel on the other hand is a flirt, he’s cute as in very cute, he has numerous girlfriend, he f.u.c.k.s them anyhow, he brings in different girls to the house, his room is full of condoms infact he’s a pervert, those stup*d girls flirts with him a lot, they throw themselves to him so cheap.
One day I was at home alone, my mum got back from the office early that day. I was surprised… 
Me: hahaha, mummy what happened? You came home so early today. 
My mum: Abi jare, I’ve been given one week leave to go for my honeymoon, finally. 
Me: (surprised) honeymoon ke, what do you mean? 
My mum: Me and your step father wanted to surprise you guys. 
Me: how? 
My mum: We are going on honeymoon tomorrow. We are travelling to South Africa for our honeymoon, and its gonna last for one week. Me: Haba mummy, this is not a surprise now. I don’t like it this way cos its too sudden. My mum: Sweetheart, I’m sorry it has to be like this… After this honeymoon we are planning on a family vacation to Dubai. Me: okay ooo. I’m happy for you, but you should have informed me earlier, I would have gone to grandma’s place. My mum: Noooo! You should stay at home with your step brother now, since he’s around, you wont be the only one. Me: okay sha. Well, I wasn’t happy at first but later I realised it is for my own advantage ooo. This is an opportunity for me to invite my new boyfriend over, my boyfriend Festus is a student of Unilag, we started dating just 2 months and we’ve never had an opportunity to have s3x… Later that night, I quickly called my boyfriend, Festus if he would be able to come over to my place, I teased him about us making love finally.
He agreed to come spend the whole week with me since my mum and her husband would be away for one week, Festus has been disturbing me for s3x all these while but I’ve not been able to give it to him cos I’m a “get inside” child. Knock on my door… 
Me: who is that? Daniel: Na me your elder brother 
Me: come inside now, ode.. 
Daniel: is it me you are calling ode? 
Me: Whatever! Duh! So what do you want? Daniel: (he smiled and hit me on my a$$) You don’t have respect again abi 
Me: hahaha! Daniel what is the meaning of that rubbish now? Why would you hit me on my a$$? For what? (Annoyed) 
Daniel: hmmmm… Oya Pele, I’m sorry Me: how can you help you sir? Daniel: (he sat on my bed) ehen… I came to inform you about something. You know my dad and your mum are travelling. Please sister, I know you have big mouth. I came to tell you that I’m bring one of my girlfriend to the house for the whole week. Please, I beg you.. 
Me: Yes oooo! Thank God we are on the same term.. (Excited) 
Daniel: what do you mean by that? 
Me: I’m also bringing my boyfriend ni Daniel: Jesus Christ! You this small girl have a boyfriend? ( surprised) 
Me: hahaha! Do I look like a virgin to you? Daniel: Omolola!!!! May God have mercy on you Me: and on you too… See, I love d*ck too, if not that you’re my brother we would have even f.u.c.k.e.d each other sef (jokingly said that) Daniel: hmmmm! Children of these days are so spoilt… Wait sef, did you say you wish to f.u.c.k. me?
Are you serious about that? Me: huh! Go away joor, I was only joking with you. How can I f.u.c.k. you na? 
Daniel: anything can happen Na, since we are not related (looking at me with flirty eyes) 
Me: You are crazy…. Leave my room joor. He left my room that night, we both agreed to keep our secrets, but that night I discovered Daniel was hard when I told him we can have s3x together, I was only joking with him anyway but I didn’t take it serious but it seems he took it serious


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