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‘Talk Sense Into My Head, I Can’t Have Normal S ex Like Any Other Lady’…..Please Help!

I’m an ardent reader and follower of this great forum.
So,I had to create this acct for personal reasons.

To avoid lengthy episodes permit me to keep it simple by going straight to the point. Thanks
As a young lady who’s in her early 20s I find it extremely difficult to love a guy not to talk about being in a relationship with one.

There is this guy who can’t just help but to love me passionately. We’ve been together for 9yrs now but who would believe we had se x just once? YES! Just once after enough fighting and struggling.
Sometimes,I had to lock myself inside to weep cuz it’s painful and it hurts! Why can’t I have normal se x like any other lady out there?
I just detest having  se x with a guy and it’s as a result of this that I’ve lost most of my relationships. This stuff is making me sick cuz I want to enjoy se x with a man like any other lady.
THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS THAT AM “BIsexual” but a larger part of me hungers for same se x
And the ladies are not even helping matters cuz they also yearn for me every now and then.,
I’ve tried hanging out with some cool guyz even to the extent of doing stuff with them YET! Nothing positive came out.
Presently,am dating a banker and believe me every other thing is perfectly in order EXCEPT the issue of s ex.
Am worried cuz I know exactly what it means for someone you love so dearly to deny you of something.
I’ve prayed
I’ve also cried my eyes out
I’ve even gone for counselling @least to ameloriate this kind of lifestyle YET! Things are still the same.
Someone should pls tell me what else to do


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