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The Chronicles: My Benita

I felt the h3at of her smooth body as we came together, the wonderful tingling sensation as our N!.pplss collided made me m0an again.
I woke up and attempted to clear the sleepy haze from my eyes.
Benita gave a slight m0an, causing me to turn around to face her. I checked the clock in my room; it was past 12 in the midnight. My eyes returned to Benita who was deeply asleep. She was N@kkd and one of her legs had rested on mine.
My eyes travelled towards her bre@.$ts. I ached to touch her. We had such a fantastic time earlier, exploring each other’s bodies. Now, I wanted more. My hand came to rest on her waist where I gently stroked her th1gh. She sighed, opening her eyes and peering up to look at me. Benita was beautiful.
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“What are you doing awake?” she asked quietly.
“I just could not sleep, I guess.” As I talked, my hand slipped up from the side of her waist towards her B@.0bs. Using my fingertips, I traced one of her t1ts, making my way around it and towards her N!.pplss. She licked her lips, her head bent, watching me stroke her. After a few moments, her head came back up and my lips met hers.
Suddenly, Benita broke our kiss and kissed my bare shoulder. I couldn’t help m0aning as her soft lips made their way down my body to my bre@.$ts. She began to lick and suck them in an alternative manner and I couldn’t resist m0aning all the louder because of it.
She pushed against me gently so she was lying on top of me. As she came back down I gave a slight cry of pleasure as I felt the heat of her smooth body as we came together. The wonderful tingling sensation as our N!.pplss collided made me mo@n again.
“Ooooh,” I sighed as Benita’s tongue travelled down my waist towards my Pu.$$y. The wonderful sensation I felt when her tongue drilled through my cunt and onto my cl$$oris was beyond description. I bucked wildly against her as I rode one of my most intense org@.$ms.
I pushed against her so I was on top. My mouth came down on one of her bre@.$ts while my hand glided towards her Pu.$$y. I moved way more expertly with my hand and Benita knew this. As soon as one finger teased her entrance, she lifted her hips, taking me in.
I pushed my index finger into her as deep as it could go, flicking her deepest spot and causing her to groan loudly. My mouth was still on her t1t where I sucked, licked and flicked her N!.pplss as I finger-F**.Cked her. I turned my finger in her c**nt around so my palm was facing upwards, towards her cl••it. Then I began to push against it, not letting up on her B@.0bs. She cried out, shaking violently as she came all over my hand.
As I felt her juices gushing out, I add two fingers into her cunt, stretching her then began to F**.Ck her. I pumped my finger fast and hard into her and she pushed up her hips, F**.Cking me back. This led to another org@.$m, and another, and another; until she had c•m so much that she collapsed back on the bed.
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I leant forward to ki••s her then withdrew my hand.  I held her and we both soon fell asleep.


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