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"First They lust, when they don't get a response, they hate" lady calls out a Troll

Corazon Kwamboka exposes thirsty man who resorted to insults after she declined his lungula offer
Corazon exposed a man who resorted to insults when she refused to reply to his message - The guy initially expressed his desire to have the socialite for a week - Barely days after his message was left at 'read', he decided to give the socialite a piece of his mind Socialite Corazon Kwamboka recently exposed a thirsty fan for resorting to jibes when the socialite failed to respond to his direct message.

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Besides being a law graduate, people hardly ever look at Corazon beyond her physique and one man went to the lengths of actually trying his luck with her. This was in full knowledge that the socialite was possibly in a relationship with a Caucasian man.
In screenshots seen by TUKO.co.ke, Corazon took to expose the guy who on first attempt went straight to the point and expressed interest in bedding her. Corazon is well known for having a big behind.
“My sweetest dream is to spend a week with you,” the message read.

Typically, no sane lady would reply to such a message but it seems the stranger’s ego was severely hurt afterwards because he came back to Corazon’s DM days later with a stinging clap back. "Have you anything to show for without your big behind?" he retorted days later. 
Corazon who must have received tens of such messages, could not help but see the funny side to the whole situation as the guy was only a few days ago lusting at her. Do you have a hot story or scandal you would like us to publish, please


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