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7 Basic Self-information You MUST Have Off-hand

While some think the under-listed are of little or no importance, well, a proper probe of our day-to-day activities say otherwise...What do you think about these?

1. Height:

Do you have to use a tailor’s meter rule anytime you want to apply for Military vacancy? Really?

Of a truth, this singular question may be the last straw that would break your camel’s back someday in an interview.

2. Weight:

Your weight doesn’t mean a shyte to you, oh, you look average and hence your weight is average? WRONG!

Body mass is NEVER equal to weight.

Don’t see these ‘check your weight’ vendors as opportunists, at least in a space of 3months, spend your N10 to check your weight. A word is enough….

3. Zodiac:

This is not that necessary, however important. In the western world, an online crush will most definitely ask you this. They believe in some zodiac combinations, like a Cancer will never have a good time dating a Capricorn OR Pisces will make a good companion for Aries.

That up there is just an illustration, be social savvy, check yours now!

4. Blood group/Rhesus factor:

This is important but I am using this medium to reach out to the management of schools and companies, every ID card should carry the blood group of each employee/student. As a realist, accident happens, and when it does, one of the best way to get medical attention as in the case of a need for blood transfusion is readily checking your wallet and finding vital information as your blood group. Help the paramedics/doctors to help yourself!

Another cogent part of this article is your Rhesus factor, your knowledge of your genotype is not only enough in marriage, Rhesus factor is as equally important. A negative female shouldn’t marry a positive male. Miscarriages in marriage MAY be due to this, even chronic jaundice in newborns.

5. Genotype:

I can’t say much on this, if you have read my previous articles, I pretty much explained the importance of this in marriage, do not suffer the life of an innocent unborn!

6. Skin type:

A friend’s skin looks reflective and boom! you already asked what type of cream he/she uses. This is wrong in every standard.

Your skin type should dictate your type of cream!

If you have a sweaty skin, don’t just walk into any mart and grab a cream, what if it’s a moisturizer?


This means ‘In Case of Emergency’ / ‘Next-of-Kin’. Some are like it ain’t no big deal but in the actual sense, it is the biggest deal! A question for everyone:

Raise your hand if you use your Dad/Mum as your NOK…

If your hand is up high as I write, then really, I don’t know what to say to you! You are opening an account with a bank and the question pops-your next of kin? The bank needs to know whoever can inherit or access your account in your stead in the case of an emergency or loss of life,

if you are not married, logically that should be any of your JUNIOR sibling(s)

If you are married, should be your oldest or any of your kids OR your wife if you have no issue yet…

The idea of using your parents is pathetic save only IF you are the single UNMARRIED child!

ICE should be saved on every mobile, this I suppose is the first thing our diligent FRSC officials wishes to find saved in your mobile contacts in the case of road accidents cum emergency.

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