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8 Acts We Find Most Irritating On Social Media, What’s Yours?

1. Fake profiles:

Striker at Real Madrid…….really?

CEO at Chefron,

Hahahaha…that already gave u away my friend. Enjoy the period when you are nothing, so when you actually become something, it is worth the fame!

2. Posing in front of a car:

You can’t even afford a bicycle without breaks yet you disturb people for a selfie with stranger’s cars so you can show off to us on SM? Wait, you think you are doing us, hell no! You are doing yourself because we won’t be there when you are cruising on your legediz Benz from Egbeda to Ikeja.

3. Posing with wads of cash:

Wetin consign us, you can post as many as you want, also make sure your face is clearly shown and don’t leave out your address. I will personally not waste my RIP on you!

4. Fake location: Texas 

….do you mean Texas square at FCT?

Traveling outta the country ain’t no big deal if not for the bad economy and governance. In developed countries like in the US, citizens hardly apply for passports because they believe their country is the best in the world, so why should they travel?

But what’s our problem my brothers and sisters, you don’t even have the map to MM airport but your update every fortnight says you were at Amsterdam, sometimes New York when you were actually sieving Garri and Ekpa in the corner of your room.

You will definitely make it since you are hard thinking, but chill out so you wouldn’t have visited all the countries in virtual reality before the real visa comes out!

5. Chatting up a million random strangers:

Some Facebook message contacts is nothing but a lot of never replied ‘hi’s. This is a sign of poverty, trust me! When you do your things right and make legit money, it will be the other way round. Chill, don’t choke the slay queens out abeg!

6. Posting porn

Some of us use our mobiles in extremely controlled environment, do not embarrass us because we want to check your messages. At least, respect us for that or do we have to visit the rest room to read your messages?

7. Spamming with threatening messages 

‘Send this to 28 people before midnight, the last time someone refused to comply, he died the following day’

If you send me that on Facebook or WhatsApp or any SM, I don’t want to know the relationship that existed between us before, I will totally block you off

8. Promoting unconfirmed promos:

Please don’t tell me to click on any link for a chance to win Toyota Corolla. My number is on your contact because I believe we could share something meaningful than lucks and chances, please don’t bleep that up!

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