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A Gynaecologist's touch led me to cheat on my husband

I have been ‘living’ in silence. I am still in this marriage because I don't want to be tagged a divorcee. I have kids now. Their father takes very good care of their every need, and mine too.
I am just being careful so I am not caught one of these days. An affair may not be a good thing, however, it has made me look young, and my husband is pleased with my fresh looks.
We all have Stories to tell about our marriages or relationships, some good, some bad. Either way, they're all worth sharing.
“Mine began after my first pregnancy. The gynecologist who TOUCHED me, during my pregnancy, touch a nerve in me that ‘did’ me something; something I had never felt with my husband before, ORGASM!
The doctor realized I loved the way he had touched me. There was a nurse in his consulting room, but she did not see what was going on.
A week to my due date, my husband had traveled to work outside Accra, and I needed to be touched, to feel that feeling I felt in the consulting room.

I had the doctor’s mobile number, so he came over to check on me. He made passionate love to me, in my husband’s house, every time he closed from work, till I gave birth.
I will be Three (3) years in the marriage this year.” 


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