Over the years, certain kinds of foods -fruits and vegetablesare believed to aid sexual appetite. This fact is acknowledged by many but what may be in dispute is the scientific components or compounds in these foods but that, researches have shown, doesn’t take away from the efficacy or potency of these foods in achieving certain level of sexual activity or sensitivity. On this, a number of chefs, dieticians and nutritionists as well as sex therapists are in agreement. However, they emphasise that they have to been taken in the right proportion, combination and most times under the guidance and prescription of a professional over a period of time.

Chef Debby’s choice list

Chef Debby is one of those who believe in the efficacy of these foods, as she confirmed that: ‘‘Yes, they can be used to boost libido,’’ adding that: ‘‘Most of them are fruits and vegetables and generally, they are very healthy and can be eaten alone or used to make salads, smoothies and can also be infused into our daily diet.’’ She didn’t stop there as she further prescribed some other fruits and vegetables that are of equal benefit to aiding perfect and healthy sex life. ‘‘I will also recommend the following – Cucumber, Broccoli, Iceberg lettuce and Tiger nut.’’ However, she warned that these foods are not to be seen as magical pills as it may take some time for them to be effective as care needs to be taken in their preparation and consumption. ‘

‘Nevertheless, this doesn’t work overnight,’’ she cautioned. She also raised a poser about one of the fruits, expressing doubts over its efficacy, especially when it comes to reversing impotency. She said: ‘‘I don’t understand how banana can reverse impotency in men?’’ Her recommended list of fruits and vegetables and how to prepare them include: Avocado pesto: This can be made using avocado, basil, pine nut, garlic, cheese and olive oil.

Blend all ingredients together and sprinkle in some black pepper. You don’t cook pesto. It can serve as a sauce for bread and pasta among others. Tiger nut smoothie: (Coconut + dates + tiger nut). Blend the dates and tiger nut, remove the chaff, add the coconut water. Serve cold Watermelon smoothie: Blend water melon together with seeds and the whitish part and drink. Banana, chocolate and pumpkin smoothie: Blend banana, some pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, ginger and garlic. Refrigerate and drink. Iceberg lettuce, avocado, cucumber, eggs and broccoli can be combined for salad.

Chef Okon’s combination

Paulius Okon, a chef and president, Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria, also takes a critical look at some of these fruits and vegetables, insisting that they need to be used with the right combination and right proportion. According to him, banana can boost sexual appetite but only when combined with nuts. ‘‘Bananas with nuts are capable of stimulating sexual appetite provided that the individual is potent,’’ he said, even as he added that ginger combined with dry gin not only stimulates sex but enhance prolonged performance. Furthermore, he revealed that: ‘‘A special first course meal knows as cream soup is also capable of enhancing sexual (prolonged) performance if taken consistently while it also enriches the flow.’’ He explains that cream soup is a combination of roux dissolved with stock and finished with cream. Garnishes may be added based on desire.

Abimbola Malomo is a nutritionist, dietician and the National Publicity Secretary of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria.

Malomo also gives an insight into the veracity of some of these fruits and vegetables. ‘‘Some of these foods have one scientific claim regarding the way and manner in which libido is enhanced but can’t be proved,’’ he said. ‘‘But the efficacy cannot be overemphasised. However, I’ll like to shed more light on some of the issues that affect libido per se. First of all, a lot of people have the perception that if they take alcohol and some other substances that these things enhance libido, and in taking some of these items there is an initial stage where they need to take small quantity to make them high.’’ However, he warned that ‘‘after a particular dose, depression sets in, so you want to take something to enhance libido and you’re already depressed.’’

He said that a number of fruits, water melon and avocado pear for instance, enhance sexual libido because they have anti-oxides properties. ‘‘Avocado pear as a fruit is an alkaline fruit, part of the property of alkaline fruit like avocado pear is aiding digestion and preventing constipation. If you look at some of the qualities of avocado pear you will discover that it will enhance libido. Fat is one of those things that affects libido.’’

Malomo also explains the functions of the nerve system in relationship to these fruits and vegetables to sexual activity. ‘‘In sexual activities, the nerve muscle is responsible for a successful sexual activity. And you discover that some of these foods have relationship with the improvements of central nervous system, that’s the system for the brain, the nerves that are networked to the muscles.’’

He noted that cashew nuts and dairy products such as yogurt impact positively on enhancing sexual activity while disclosing that a number of people have testified to the efficacy of eating water seed alongside the water melon. According to him, ‘‘some of these foods, like oat for example, are high in fibre. And what does fibre do in the body? It reduces the cholesterol in the body. And cholesterol is one of the culprits of hormonal imbalance. Anything that would improve the body’s cholesterol would have a positive effect on the libido.’ He also allays the fear that some of these foods may act as sexual turn on.

‘‘We have sexual response in an individual that is triggered either by what you do, experience or hear. Your nutrition or some of these foods would not just turn you on. What they do is to sustain. Some people, whether we like it or not, don’t even have sexual response or libido. ‘‘So, the foods will only increase the sensitivity of those who are sexually active. For someone that is a virgin for example, that has not experienced sexual activity, there’s nothing to imagine. There’s nothing that would stimulate her.

‘‘These food items that enhance libido won’t just spark. The food does not act on its own. It is about you, the individual through what you think, what you feed your eyes on, and other sensations. Then the food will affect the body in such a way that the body would have more stamina; it prepares the body and serves as a drive for the sexual activity.’’ Malomo, however, pointed out that these foods do not work in isolation.

‘‘So, if in your body, the nerves are not sensitive, such an individual will not enjoy sexual activity, because it has to do with touching sensation and all that. It involves mental readiness. And that’s where the properties of these foods come into play, lettuce, banana and all that. ‘‘The circulatory system also plays a major role in sexual activity. Because the movement of blood through the organs play an important role in sexual activity. If the circulatory system is not okay, if it has planks along the line of the arteries and veins, that such individual will not attain a good erection.’’ He recommended the taking of vitamins and minerals to take care of the circulatory system while emphasising abstaining from fatty foods particularly saturated fatty acids.


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